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    If intentions are not good, pretending to be well-wisher goes in vain

    Sincere and honest efforts reflect the personality of an individual. If he is honest and sincere people change their opinion and mark the fair-person label. The honesty of a person lasts in the long run and endorsed by everyone. Such a compassionate person leaves back lasting impression and people applaud the accomplishments of such a person.
    However, if a person has ill-intentions and efforts based on deception only to profess people for power and possession, and not ready to work sincerely, efforts of such a person will go in vain. We see betrayal almost everywhere, 'sucking the blood of common people has now become the norm by wrong people. We face people with unfair intentions while pretending to be well-wishers. We must always try to be cautious of such deceptive and crooked people.
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    Nice observation from the author which also coincide with my thought process. Intentions has to be good and that should be fetching to mutually and in that case the well wisher trait is acceptable. Sometimes the intentions may be good and help to the self and not the others and that would be selfish trait to which none would agree and abide. There is a very good proverb in Urdu, that Jab Niyath saaf hai to madath tho zarrori hai, that means if the intentions are good the help would be forth coming with more liberal way. But if the intentions are bad and selfish, the help from opposite side would be nil and even dissuading.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This world is full of selfish people and it depends on us how we protect ourself from such people. At certain point of time in life we meet such people who pretend to be with us and give us their advices but in reality they are not with us.

    I have met many such people in my life for whom i consider to be a friend but I was wrong because when I tested them I found they were not my friend.

    It's strange because how can someone betray you when you trusted him/her and have always been with him/her in tough time.

    Almost all the politicians are like this. They promise lots of things for the people before elections but those promises are never met once they win the elections. They pretend to be the well wishers of the common people but in reality they start sucking the blood of the common people due to whom they sit on the powerful positions.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    It is said that those who think, can definitely do it. But the intention should be noble. If the intention is strong then you can win any battle but if your intention is weak then your victory can also become a defeat. The author has said that he is absolutely right that if you do not have good intentions then it is futile to show goodness to someone because in today's time there are many people who will behave in front of you as if they are the ones who are good for you but they must have been seeking your hurt from within. It is sensible to keep a distance from such double-faced people. It is not so easy to identify people who have wrong intentions, but a person can understand it slowly. We ourselves should have good intentions for everyone as the show cannot be hidden for long.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Who is our well-wisher and who isn't can be known easily but someone who is a hypocrite and an imposter who superficially seems to be our well-wisher but literally he cuts our root behind our back and when he is exposed with his real face we are shocked.
    This world is selfish. Nobody cares about others. Sincere well-wishes are on verge of extinction.

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    Our intentions will be known to the people around us. You can hide them for some time but not for a long time. Even though we take care of our actions unintentionally some words will come out which will explain to others about our intentions.
    We can easily understand who is our real well-wishers. some people talk politely and show too much obedience. But when the time comes they will never come near to us. Such people are not really our well-wishers. When they want help from us, they act as if they are really helping us when a need comes.
    But they can deceive us like this once or twice. But not always.

    always confident

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