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    If life challenge compared to night, then light of hope do comes in morning

    Many a time we are upset with the challenges , tasks and problems which get extended and escalated to which we ponder over the earlier solutions. It is the fact that our life is always compared to the darkest night to which we have many apprehensions of failure but we fail to notice one big happening for sure that the ray of hope light is not that far away and the life would change in the morning itself. That is why some one said that every day is not Sunday or challenging and everything need to be ease on their own prepositions.
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    Time is the essence of many things and if we wait patiently during the hard times then we may see the good times also in due course. When difficulties are their it is natural that we feel perturbed and disturbed. It is human nature to feel so. Everyone has the difficult phase in ones life at some time in life and it happens with most of us. So, the prudent people keep consoling themselves during tough times and do their duties normally waiting for the good times to come. There is no point in feeling depressed and down as vicissitudes of life are like that only.
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    There is no denying that time and circumstances are not always the same. Sometimes a good time comes in every person's life, sometimes he has to go through bad times, but it is believed that a person is identified only in his bad times. The biggest reason behind saying this is that even in the best phase of life, even a normal person can make the right decision, but when the situation is unfavorable, then the right talent of the person is assessed. In adverse circumstances, the person making the right decision leads to success, for this, one can take the example of many small incidents that have taken place around him, and in these instances, it is always compared to the darkness. In this, coincidence can happen to you and vice versa, but if you wait patiently for the right time, and challenging time will go.
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    I don't think challenge can be compared to dark night, however, something like perdition or suffering or oppression or brutality and similar ilk may be compared to darkness. Challenge should be taken as a positive thing. It's a kind of entity which gives you hope of success provided that you run over it, something good known or unknown is waiting for you. If you take this challenge as a test of your abilities, skills, prowess, knowledge and learning and once defeat the challenge success touches your feet as your slave..

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    There is no doubt that every night is followed by a day. So darkness is followed by light. But whether the day after one night is there or not in our life is the question. But we all sleep with the hope that we will get up in the morning. I feel challenges are the lamps which show light to us in our darkness. If that challenge is not there, we will never think and explore the possibilities of saving that. That means we will be not knowing many issues and we will be living in darkness only. So we should take challenges boldly and we should take them as chances for our betterment. Without attempting to face the challenges waiting for the problems to get sorted out may not be a good trait always. Many days will go and many nights will come. But our challenges will be there only.
    Time and tide wait for none. So don't wait for the good times to come. Struggle, plan and achieve. You will be successful.

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    A good analogy given by the author comparing night with hard times and day with the hopes. Yes, life is like that and there will be bad times when we feel defeated in our attempts and become discouraged. But we have to keep in our mind that after each spell of bad time we also have chunks of good time and in that hope only we should continue our work and have patience.
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