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    Our day will be great if we have feel good people amid us

    Whether at the home or office we do not want to waste time with those people who are having the tendency to argue, postpone the issues and make comments on such things where the responses are not required at all. We always feel comfortable even cozy with feel good people around us and our work gets going and also we do not feel like boring because the people amid us are of same thinking level with lots of give and take policy traits. And it is good to have such arrangements for the positive mood everyday.
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    It is human tendency to flock with like minded people. So if you are a feel good and be cordial type person you would definitely like the same company. Your post has reminded me about a few likeminded people who were earlier coming to the park near my house and we had very interesting exchanges of view and cordial talks and we even had a weekly tea programme after the walks in the morning in a nearby tea stall but due to corona pandemic that activity is stopped and I am missing very badly those like minded people though sometimes we are chatting on phone but that personal touch is not there and of course missing that dose of masala tea also. Like minded, cordial, and feel good company is a very important matter for all of us and we should try to get those type of people as friends and colleagues in our lives and then the life becomes a pleasurable journey. It is better to be away from the aggressive, offending, ill mannered, ill talking people as far as possible.
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    Absolutely. Negative people always reduce our efficiency at work. They always try to make us negative too. They always think that why they are targetted by all. If anything bad happens to them they feel that people have intentionally done bad for them. It's better not to support their negative behaviour because if tou show compassion towards their negative behaviour they will get close to you but won't leave the negativity.

    At work you will find lots of such people who will always speak negative about the work and will expect you too speak negatively about work and people.

    It's sad that such people always remain dissatisfied with their personal as well as professional life. It's always better for us maintain some distance with people having such nature and keep positive energy with in us as that will make ourself energetic at work and people like such positive people and try to avoid negative people.


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    We become like the environment around us, that's why we are compatible with someone who has negative thoughts inside himself, then we should keep him away from them. Because negative energy enters from inside them. Due to which negative thoughts start coming in. The more negative thoughts are in the mind, the more the problem of depression will increase. In this case, we must make every effort to keep them away from ourselves. If you are often surrounded by such negative feelings, then make small changes within yourself and take yourself in a positive direction. Nobody likes to be in the midst of people who constantly talk about negative things. Staying away from such people will help in providing peace and wisdom to the mind. I think that caution is safe. The best way to avoid negativity is to stay away from things that bring negativity.
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    The author is correct. We can lead our daily routine with great if we have good people around us. To get such good people, according to me, we should also good to them. I have seen many people do not give even basic respect to the conductors in buses, they ask ticket as if the bus itself as their own. If a driver of a vehicle, use commanding unsolicited words to the erring persons who may be genuine.

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    Like dissolves in like. That is what chemistry tell us. Same is the case here also. Birds of the same feather flocks together. Some people like to spend their time with gossip and they always try to postpone their works. If my mentality is also like that and I will go and sit with them. But some may like to complete their work on time. If my thinking is also like that, I will go and join them. So here the mentality of the individual will have a big say.
    In any office, we will see both types. Where we will be? Your own attitude and thoughts will decide the same. But there is another category. They are more dangerous. They appear as if they are wasting their time. But they will complete the work without getting noticed by anybody. We feel that such employees are not yet completed their works. But they will be the first to comlete.

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    It's correct but it is not always possible to find such people around us. We choose our friends depending on our likings who help to make our lives easier but when we are surrounded by many either in our workplace or in our neighbourhood we need to handle various people having different mindsets. There will be people with whom we won't be able to match our mindsets and views and we will not feel like to spend some time with them. In that case, we keep on looking for companions according to our likings so that the experience becomes good.

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    Association of good people around us would definitely change our moods in a positive way. There will be the scope of exchanging our views in cordial relations and such talks proceeds smoothly till we finally conclude our evening walk. Sometimes we attend nearly tea stall to enjoy of cup of teas together. Such togetherness lifts our moods and even we sort out minor family issues with our bilateral talks and the end results of such talks are quite amazing.
    However, there has been dislocation of such friendly talks due to the corona pandemic and wish that such a session would start soon with the administration of the vaccine likely to start soon.

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    It's human nature that we feel comfortable in the company of like-minded people. Sometimes, we have similar hobbies too. But at the work-place company of people doesn't play an important role which could affect our performance, rather, it's our dedication, sincerity, performance-based promotion, salary incremental, and if the boss is strict and does not tolerate any mistake in work we focus on our work only. Moreover, the camera is always on and the boss might be watching through lenses.

    In our daily life, we meet many people- known or unknown. Some people impress us and some people meet as strangers. If we keep on meeting with strangers they become good friends.

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    Good company is a great gift to us. It is not only entertaining but also satisfying in all the respect. If we have good friends, life becomes easy and convenient. So, it is imperative that one should try ones best to have a like minded and good company.
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