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    Be slow in choosing, but slower in changing

    I have always beleive in the saying. I have always been very slow and selective in choosing people from my childhood. I remember I used to have very few friends in school and college and people used to say that I am of reserve nature but I am not.

    I don't like people easily but once I start liking them I don't leave them whatever may be the circumstances.

    I have seen people they change with the situation and leave old friends when they don't find them of their use. It's sad people use people these days and have not left with the emotions.

    How about you? Do you also take time to select people and once you select them don't leave them easily?
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    We cannot tell what is inside a packet by seeing it from outside. So, it is necessary to delve deeper about a person fully before making him a friend. Just casual chatting with someone for a while does not entitle one to be our friend. People will come to us with ulterior motives and talk sweet but we have to find out the hidden agenda and then think of making the person friendly gestures towards us. I will cite one example that one person who was trying to have friendship with me came to me. Why I am telling 'trying' is because I had some doubts about him and I never encouraged him for friendship. So, he came to me and asked some money on loan. I told him that I am also searching a fool who will give me money as I was also going through some financial crisis. Hearing this he immediately left and then he never tried to increase friendship ties with me. Later I found that he was taking loan from people and not returning the money. So my doubt was correct.
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    Liking and choosing is based on our wish and understanding a person who seems to be syncing with our thought process. If that is good then there cannot be more time needed to move with close bonding. And if the relation is sustaining with good going then that should be continuing for ever. Once a friend he should be always a friend. But there are some friends who move with us very deeply and we love to share our personal bonding and that would give us pillow and shoulder to rest on. For me known people are more but when it comes to friends I have very few and share more personal bonding with them. They connect to me with my understanding level and they love to visit me and I do reciprocate with great level. And our friendship is 40 years old and still blooming though our children are grown and putting their own strength of performance.
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    Be selective in making friends. But never leave him once you are a friend with a person. Many times we heard this. We can't access the person very fast. It requires a lot of observation and understanding. If our likes and dislikes are matches with the other person only we can make friendship with the other person. Otherwise, we can't get along. Changing friendship every alternative day is also not good. So we should observe the movements of the other person, observe him for the required time and once you are convinced only go for a friendship.
    We will come across many people during our journey on this planet. We may get introduced to many people. We may be knowing many people. But all these people will not become our friends.
    We should not go for friendship by simply seeing the physical appearance. We should understand their interests, habits, likings and priorities. When all these issues match only we can make friendship. We should continue the friendship once we have become friends.

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    Today we are living in a world of opportunist people. They will see the opportunity and change accordingly. They are known as fair weather friends. I think we should not fall for their friendship.
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    Once attached is always attached. Once detached is always detached. If I like somebody and gets attached, my attachement will be like a fevicol bond. And if I don't like someone, and if I happen to detach them, it would be permanent forever. Nothing can bring them back to me.

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    Kudos to the author for his good thoughts. I agree with the author that we should not make haste in making bosom friends. But it all depends on individual what he thinks about it. I think we should have cordial relations with everyone, now this tie can be named as friendship. but we should not make them close friends easily.

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    It is not easy to find a good friend and also, one should not think of leaving a good friend. It takes time to build a friendship because a lot of things are associated with it. Only with your good friends, you can share certain thoughts and feelings and one must give it a proper thought before sharing things. I agree with the author that there are people who make friendships to serve a certain purpose and later on they don't even care. Maybe we will find a lot of such people these days but I don't think these people are happy inside. They remain worried all the time because of their nature and also make others worry. The only intention of those people is to gain something from a situation and as long as they feel they have a chance they remain there and then go away.

    The title of the thread is suitable when it comes to making/choose friends but I think it is not applicable in every situation. For example, if you have a bad habit and need to choose a certain way of life to get rid of that bad habit I don't think you should take time to choose that certain way and must act as early as you can.


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