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    Why people feel let down by amendments in the constitution

    Many amendments have been made in the constitution since last year which led to the huge protest by people in the country. Be it article 370 and 35A, CAA and NCR, and now the farm bill; people are up against the central government for making or amending the laws. Since last year when CAA laws were being promulgated by the central government, people came out in huge numbers to register their protests. And now the farm bill, farmers are not ready to compromise and demanded the laws be repealed.

    Whenever since the last year the parliament formulates or amends laws, people become upset and come out to register protest in huge numbers against the government. Where is the problem? Is it that people are unable to understand the need or government unable to communicate the message that laws are people-friendly?
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    In a democracy when a bill is brought and enacted in a law favouring a handful of people and their coterie then there is no hue and cry because these are the people who instigate others to agitate against the new laws. This we have seen historically not in our country but in many other countries also. The problem is that if these people start to cooperate with the new laws their earnings would stop. That is the main problem whenever a Govt tries to do reforms. Incidentally today the top person in our country is an honest person which is of course a rare thing and now he wants to do some reforms and this is not being digested by a large number of people who are seeing their weak future financially. So, the whole fight is for money and power. One can see it in any context from article 370 to farmers bill and will find that this is the thing in background that is creating stomach of this strange kind and even in medical science we do not have medicine for that. So these people will instigate the masses and try to destabilise the Govt and some of the gullible citizens would support them and finally if fresh elections are held some of them will come in power and then things will become as peaceful and calm as earlier and anyone will be able to cross the boundaries and enter India and all sort of things will start like earlier and if China attacks we will give him the occupied territory easily. So the difference is only we first or nation first.
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    I feel change is the order of the day and the government is also embarking on changes and new demand of the lots and not caring about the few. But those few who are not taken into confidence are now creating the crisis as if the entire country in peril. We have seen that the CAA , NRC and even article 370 was started by the few and then fizzled out. And now the farm stir has also emanated from the Congress ruled state which supposed to be helping the farmers instead they instigated the farm owners to stir for the issue which is nothing but created by the vested interests. And when the center is ready to address their just demands and wants to settle the issue they now started total scrap of the bill which has the Parliament assent and both houses agreed. So what this mean that center failed to convey the good decisions in proper manner.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The basic nature of a human being has been that he would not like to adopt change easily because his way of living has become the only way to live with the applicable rules for a long time and any small change excludes him from his comfort zone which people do not adapt easily. Apart from this, many times people do not understand the correct thinking of the amendments and come under the wrong influence like agitation. If we talk about the citizenship amendment, many people did not know what the amendment is but still, they were opposing it, such situations get the benefit of those people who sit in the country by making the foundation of corruption. The process of Indian constitutional amendment is not easy, but every bill is passed only after a rigid process in which the central and state governments have their own representation, so it would be a good option to have some knowledge of the Indian constitution before opposing things like an amendment.
    Swati Sharma

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    Changes are not generally welcome. Many people resist changes. In addition to this, the other parties which are not in the ruling will try to encourage the people who are not ready to accept the changes. They add fuel to the fire. So the agitations will increase and unrest will come. If I am faithful y a party, I will believe that party's explanation only about the change. So as long as the political parties are not sincere, this problem will continue. We can't stop. The people should understand the changes properly and if really they are not good, there is no problem in going for an agitation. But that is also not happening. Many people go by the opinions given by somebody without even going deep into the subject. That is also a reason for this resistance to change. The same point is understood in different ways and that is causing some problems.
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