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    Make life better by using mental energy in a right direction.

    The understanding and concept of health have evolved gradually. It has expanded its horizons from physical to mental, mental to social, and now to spiritual. Good health refers to a condition in which a person is enjoying good mental health, and mental energy is of great importance for this. Yoga and meditation are the best way to get mental energy. Said that yoga teaches to live life in a disciplined manner. Keeps the human body away from diseases. Many times we waste our mental energy in vain and negative thoughts, but at that time we do not know that by doing this we are doing our own harm. We should save mental energy every day in small tasks. Nowhere in the Gita or in any religious scripture is hell described. In all the religious texts, ways have been given to improve life and be good people, so we should use our mental energy in a systematic way to make our life better.
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    Mental health is always important. Without that, we can't lead a happy life. Crores of money you may have and you may have all the comforts that are available on this planet but if there is no mental health, you will never be happy. Happy is always required in our life.
    Mental strength will make you face difficult situations also very bravely. If you are not strong mentally, you can't make the right decisions at right time. SO everything will be an upset in the life of such persons. Good health to the body alone is not sufficient. Your mind should also be healthy. Then only your approach will be positive towards the issues before you.

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    Mental health is as much important as the physical health. Mental energy has to be used in positive and constructive things. Wasting it in petty matters is a misuse of such a high level entity. God has given us enormous energy in shape of a mind and its functions. It is our duty to use it in a better way. If someone is feeling it difficult to tame the mind then going for Yoga and meditation would help much.
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