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    Will you welcome Black-marketing ?

    Farmers are sitting on the roads around Delhi in this cold season in protest against three bills passed by the government. Farmers say that these bills are against them whereas the government is trying to convince them that these bills are useful for them and asserts that they will increase their income. Opposition parties, as usual, opposing these bills now. It's a universal fact that every action, order, ordinance, the policy of the government are wrong by default in the sight of opposition parties and they oppose government for the sake of opposition whereas governments become infallible for whatever they do. In this thread, I am taking only one issue right now and will try to laymanise it if knowledgable members find any mistake in my understanding this issue may suggest me. I shall be pleased to change my views about it.
    First, we have to understand what black-marketing is. According to law storage of essential commodities is a crime. Big businessmen having storage facilities purchase maximum amount of essential commodities which have high demand in the market and commonly consumed by people e.g. grains, flour, pulses, rice, edible oil, potatoes, onions, salt etc. When the market faces a shortage of essential commodities these big businessmen who have retained these items in their vast godowns supply commodities to market on the higher rate which results in price-hike in essential commodities. Consumers are helpless to purchase these essential items on a higher rate to fill their stomach. If the complaint is lodged against these big businessmen police will raid on their godowns and will arrest them for committing this crime is called black-marketing. In 1955 black-marketing was declared as a crime and it was still a crime but the bill Essential Commodities Amendment 2020 has legalised it as the part of the business. According to this new law in two situations storage of essential commodities can not be done - during the war and natural calamities.

    Government is saying to farmers that now they can store their crops in their godowns and can sell their products when they think to sell and anywhere in the country but the reality is how many farmers have storage facilities? Hardly a few and their storage rooms are generally small in size. Then who will store these essential commodities? none other than big industrialists who have already got built huge godowns for this purpose. Suppose, all these industrialists purchase pulses from farmers. Now, all the pulses of the country are in their godowns. They stop supply these items and wait for price-hike. When the market of the country insist them to supply essential commodities and if they double the price and supply pulses, consumers will have to purchase pulses on more than double rate.
    If you complain to the concerned department or police and if any action is taken against these black-marketeers they will show this bill.

    What are your views about this bill? I hope that rebuttal of my post should, logically, be explained. I I wish to be proven wrong.
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    True. Many farmers are not having storage facilities and also financially it is difficult for them to store as they can't invest in the next crop if they are not selling the present crops yield. Many farmers sell their goods straight from the field. The government should think of constructing storage godowns and give them on rent to farmers so that they can sell the goods when the rates are good. At the same time, the government should think of financing the farmers for one or two crops and they should give some good holiday for repayment of that crop. Otherwise, many of these amendments will be not helping the farmers as expected. The government should think in these lines. The help should come to farmers from all directions.
    How the government is going to ensure that the farmers will never sell their products in a hurry and how they are going ensure that big corporates will try to purchase the products at a low rate and sell afterwards at a high price.

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    Whenever there is more demand than supply then from the supply side the prices are increased and they make a lot of profit. But farmers cannot do it because they had already sold their crop to the middlemen. The middlemen will only be profited. In the new system the Govt says that they can sell to some other buyer also other than these middlemen who are not giving a fair price for the crop. Somehow farmers are not getting the message as these middlemen and their leaders are misleading them and showing them all sorts of fears and apprehensions if these bills are released by the Govt. Farmers find these middlemen as their friend and believe them and fall in their trap by joining the agitation. They do not know the ulterior motives hidden underneath. These are the ways that politicians function especially when they are in opposition. What the ruling party can do in such a condition.
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    At present many pulses, vegetable oil, refined oil are not available in full and therefore these things gone for hoarding by creating artificial shortage so that the hiked price is given by the customer without murmuring. Most of the products are black marketed as the people are wanted to buy desperate no matter what is the price. This weakness of the people was exploited by the traders who feel that this is the best time to make money and they make much use of the situation, Though malpractices and hoardings are prohibited in the law but the enforcing agencies are not stricter to implement the same.
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