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    Exploitation is still there despite the rules made to stop child labor.

    Child labor has become a curse for today's society. Small children are being thrown into illegal businesses, children who should have a pen and book in their hands are being smacked and raw liquor is being handed. They are being used to garbage. The future of children trapped in child labor is becoming bleak. Small children have left school and become child labor laborers. Child labor is an open violation of human rights. It affects the mental, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual interests of children. If we want to make society clean, then there is a need to eliminate child labor from its roots. We should come forward and cooperate with our whole hearts and wealth so that these children can become educated and progress.
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    There was a cine song in Tamil, 'Thittam pottu thirudura koottam thirudik konde irukkum, athai sattam pottu thadukkara koottam thaduththuk konde irukkum,thirudarai paarththu thiruntha vittaal thiruttai ozhikka mudiyaathu' (Picture 'ThirudaathE' in the year 1961), Meaning of these verse is, thieves are continuing to do their plans to steal in spite of preventing through law is going on the other side. Theft cannot be eradicated unless the thief themselves corrected them. Similarly, the child labour. It cannot be eradicated or stopped by any enactment unless the parents and employers corrected themselves by stop employing children. Many parents sending their children to earn money by stopping from schools in order to get their daily bread, some took advantage of this and idle themselves. Many employers to offer less amount for children, they deploy them and if any official comes for inspection, they hide them from the scene.

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    I appreciate the author for showing concern about working children. I agree that child-labour is a big problem in our society and we are indifferent to this problem. What are the reasons for this problem are obvious to us. Poverty is the main the cause of this problem. Poor parents have no sufficient income to run their family and giving education to their children simultaneously. Both can't go hand in hand. Which parents do not want to see their children progressing in their lives. They also know that education is the foundation for a better life for their children but they are to send their small children to earn some money so that they can afford expenses up to some extent.

    Governments bring good schemes for poor people but these poor people have no access to these welfare schemes because people or employees who are assigned to select poor people select their friends, relatives or known people instead who don't deserve but the poor people who are entitled to this welfare schemes of governments are deprived of.

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    No doubt child labor is banned in India but what to do when they have to work as their parents don't have enough work to earn to feed them. It's sad on local dhabas, red lights and on many shops one can still see the kids working hard to earn some money for their life to go on.

    Despite the government has started many schemes which encourage parents to send their kids to the school still poor people don't send them and deprive them from the education which they should get as it's their right.

    As a good citizen we should know about the kids if see around us are working and should try and make them or their parents and the employer aware that child labor is a crime and is a punishable offence. Hope by doing so we may be a able to reduce it.

    Actually the poverty and unemployment in our country is the main reason why we are not able to stop it. The government should be strict and should come up with some plans to support these poor people so that their kids do not find any need to work to earn.


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    In the organised sector, child labour was controlled to a lot of extents. This is a fact. But in the unorganised sector, we see many children working for their lively hood and also for taking care of the family. If you get up early in the morning and stand near your main door, you will find many children under the age of 16 going to work as servant maids. They work in 4 or 5 houses and earn some good money and give it to their mother for their expenses. This is happening in almost all places.
    There are many poor people who are not able to manage their families and have at least two meals a day. This helpless condition is prompting the people to use their kids for earning some money. Another problem is having fewer opportunities and more onlookers. When we see a boy aged 12 or 13th going around on a cycle to distribute the milk packets or newspapers, we feel how much struggle those families are having in their lives.

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    Child labor is prevalent in many states across the country and in Hyderabad we can see lots of child labor working in various shops and services. In and around Charminar area the child labor could be seen employed in shops and they are paid a meager of 3000 as salary and when questioned about why the salary is such low and the work is taken more, the shop keeper pleads innocence and says that during the childhood they must know the essence of handwork and earning and being over populated in a particular community they send the child for labor and not for studies and thus in a house of more than half a dozen children, most of them are engaged as child labor in shops, glass bangle making units, break making units. selling the daily wares, selling the cosmetics and selling the textiles and agarbathis items on the roads.
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    There has not been much improvement in respect of quality of lives of the children belonging to poor families. These families are struggling a lot to get two squares of meals for the survival and once the children attain the age of 12 or 13, they join their hands to supplement the income of their families by involving themselves with any job coming easily. They will take up the job of paper distribution in the morning or selling vegetables door to door to ease the financial crisis of their families. Early in the morning in the winter, they may be seen cleaning the plates in some street hotels, though they sleep at late night after completing their cleaning jobs in night. Their woes of miserable life do not seem to end.
    Though many rules were formulated to end child menace from the governmental side, the same is still existing.

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    Child Labour is a problem in the country, it has destroyed the childhood of children. Children in tender age are so soft and pure-hearted. They like the freedom to enjoy their little world. If we guide them the right way, they will become great people.

    But child labour has chopped their opportunities to learn and enjoy life. A lot of impressions crumb in his mind but the menace of child labour discourage the spirit of the child. He/ She should be allowed to learn, enjoy and play, and forced to do labour work which these tender souls can't bear.
    It is the most unfortunate thing that despite laws child labour is still exploiting the childhood of children.

    Why are we unable to stop this menace? We should think and step up to stop this problem.

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    Does the police not see why these children are working in shops, hotels? Nobody takes notice seriously whether it's police or common people.

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    Child labour is a big problem in our country. In spite of rules and regulations we are not able to eradicate this. Many children are working in small shops, tea houses, small restaurants etc. Some poor families ask their children to go out and earn whatever they can by the evening. So they go and do some job whatever available. They do not have schooling and are deprived of the basic rights.
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    If we go in the root cause of child labour then there are some factors like poverty, backwardness, and lack of education which force the children for doing work in an extremely difficult situation. The people who engage them will take advantage of their conditions and give them much less wages as compared to the adults and at the same time tell them that they cannot work legally and if they make hue and cry regarding the wages, they would expose them to police. The gullible children feel much feared with these things and keep quiet.
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