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    Safety measures on handling Electricity in houses especially in rainy season

    The following are safety measures on handling Electricity in houses especially in rainy season
    • Installing Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker is highly advisable
    • Replacing old or worn out or cracked switches without fail
    • Beneath the switch board or switch of Water filling motor, Fridge, Washing Machine, a rubber mat can be used
    • Whenever handling switches keep your left hand backside and put the switch on or off by index finger of right hand
    • While handling switch or switches in Bath room use a dried old tooth brush to on or off the switch.
    • Handling water heater with more careful in the rainy season as the usage is very common during the season
    • When taking out the flour from Grinder or taking out cloths from washing machines, please ensure the removing of plug (that too with utmost care) after switching off the power
    • On no situation handle the switches or electrical items by having a tender child in hand or children nearby.
    • Careful 'neutral grounding' maintenance is essential
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    Yes. The precautions mentioned by the author are really good and one should follow without fail. In rainy seasons the walls will be wet and if the earthing is not proper there are chances to have a shock. So one should keep this in mind and take care. Another point to be kept in mind is that there will not be any bear wire joints. Such joints should be covered using an insulation tape.
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    Thanks for sharing these suggestions. Electricity is nobody's friend. We should always take care while using what mentioned above.

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    Electricity is a great enabler to us and most of our gadgets and equipments run on it. The author has given a number of good tips for handling and operating the electric switches and appliances. In big buildings sometimes there are leakages in the water pipes and other downhole pipes and as everything is concealed it becomes difficult to find out the cause of water leakage and seepage in the building. So in such cases even in non-rainy season there are dangers if some moisture or seepage enters the switch board. So people living in such old buildings or high-rise buildings should take care in this matter.
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    The author has shared some useful tips and how to be alert during rainy season as there are every chance we getting in contact with electrical shocks for our innocence to deal.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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