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    These benefits can be attained in their number of time repetition

    These benefits can be attained in their number of time repetition

    a. Having slept daily by eight hours, your day will be pleasure
    b. Having consumed one cup of milk daily, you will get rid of bone problem
    c. Having consumed one apple daily you need no doctor
    d. Having consumed five almonds daily you will be out of fear of cancer
    e. Having consumed a lemon daily you can reduce your body weight
    f. Having consumed four dates daily your stress and fatigue flew away
    g. Having prayed your God thrice a day, you will not have any tension
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    I disagree with the last point . No doubt you get peace of mind by praying God but cannot get rid of the tensions totally. No person in this world lives without tension.

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    By entrusting a known or unknown driver of our car or bus or train or flight, we travel freely without any tension of reaching the place in right time. Similar to that if we entrust totally ourselves to God through our prayers, we can get rid of our tension.

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    Good points mentioned by the author. If we practice all those points we will have good health. I don't know whether we can get out of tensions simply by praying three times a day. But what I feel is when we pray to God, we will have some peace of mind. When there is peace, our brain will start working in a better way. So we will think properly and we may take actions which will reduce our tensions. Praying is also a type of meditation only. Simple prayer without concentration is of no use. COncentrate on prayer and don't get disturbed. Definitely, you will have a pleasant mind.
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    Anything and everything should be repeated thrice, to be successful. However, We should pray to God only twice. Once in the morning when we wake up from sleep to thank Him for our safe rising and for the day to be good, and before going to bed for having a pleasant day and with a request for safe rising next day.

    Three is a free number for success.

    No harm if we drink 3 cups of milk, eat 3 almonds, eat 3 apples, drink 3 lemon juice a day, 3 dates a day.

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    The author has indicated very useful points and we will certainly reap benifits with the implementation of these points. However, I don't agree to the last point where he is talking about the prayer of God and doing the same thrice daily will keep our tension in check. Of course, praying God with full devotion can be helpful to some extent for the time being and it would not eliminate tension in totality. Tension is the part of our life and the same can be tackled with our prudent analysis of the issues and steps should be taken according to merit of the cases.

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    Good post. If we follow these guidelines, I hope we will a happy life but generally, we don't follow good suggestions. We are much careless about good things. If everyone follows such suggestions, doctors will have to close 'shops'.

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