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    Is adultery acceptable to you?

    Adultery and fornication both are related to an illegitimate sexual relationship. Fornication, up to some extent, is acceptable to our society because this relationship is between unmarried couple whether they are live-in or not but because being young if they come closer to have a physical relationship, our society tolerates it. However, in some parts of the country and lower level of society even fornication is not permitted. Honour killing is the result of this stringent opposition by certain classes in some parts of the country.

    But adultery where married people either one or both indulge in an illegitimate physical relationship, in my opinion, should be a big issue because being married they can have moments of intimacy any time. They, socially and legally, are authorised. But they involve in cuckold, it is not justified. it should be reprehensible. If one or both partners are not happy with each other they can separate with mutual consent but cheating on his/her spouse can't be taken lightly.

    Lately, a case was heard in a court in which the wife was cheating on her husband. When he caught her talking to her boyfriend he asked her to unlock her mobile phone but she did not do so. The matter was brought before the magistrate and he favoured the woman saying that the husband has no right to pressurise for unlocking her mobile as it is the matter of personal liberty.

    What is your take?
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    This goes on. There are many couples lead such adultery life. This is the taste that matters. Like the men, the women too. Many women tolerate their hubbies having affairs with another women, but men do not tolerate his women having affairs with other man. Such couples may not live happily and die happily. Their life on earth would be like a life in hell.
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    It is applied to husband and wife. Man can't be exempted for being Man. What is wrong is wrong, regardless of who doer is.

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    I am surprised by this thread "Fornication, up to some extent, is acceptable in our society... "
    The most obnoxious and filthy act that you call is acceptable. Adultery or fornication are huge sin which brings only destruction to families and those who indulge in it. It bankrupts mental peace and brings disgrace to those people and society.

    For such a nasty act there is a huge penalty from almighty. How easily you call it is acceptable. How can anyone accept adultery when this is the most filthy and vicious act, and demolish families? Anyone indulging in it is wrong.

    There are clear commandments in the Quran. Don't even go near to Zina, it is indeed a shameful and evil path. (Quran Al-asra, ayat 32).

    If you have the courage then stop such things by your hand - meaning take steps to prevent such nasty things in society, if you can't do it then by your tongue- that is tell people it is a bad act and counsel them, and if you are not able to do these two then dislike and hate this thing in your heart but never make it acceptable in society. It will make the life of people a living hell!

    I hope you understand the point.

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    @Umar: I appreciate you for reminding me what is revealed in the Quran. JazakAllahu Khairn.
    When I write here "our society" it means Indian Society and when I write "we" it means Indians or human beings regardless of any religion. What I have written is a fact that fornication is acceptable to Indian society.

    Don't you know that live-in is legally allowed because of article 21 which protects personal liberty? Lesbians and homosexuals can marry. It's not a crime because this is their personal choice what they want to do and how they want to live. But from the Islamic point of view these acts are major sins.

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    In our society when the marriages are arranged and taken care of elders and parents, there is no question of adultery or any illicit relations as both the in laws agree and abide by the rules and regulations to be followed and the new couples are under the watch and care of both parents. By the way why should one think of illicit relations when the life is getting going with happiness daily. Those who have the indifference or the new couples who are not in the understanding mode only think of other relations when their immediate requirement of lust is not addressed and many have even filed parting off as divorcees.
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    Adultery is a social crime. It has to be punished suitable. Sometimes it is intentional but sometimes it is due to inherent animal instinct in the human beings for sexual matters. So, distinguishing them would be a harder task so both forms are punishable without any distinction. Traditionally, in our society women had done adultery less in comparison to the men due to obvious natural reflexes and differences in male and female personalities and physiology. Adultery is a clear cut case for allowing separation between the couple and nowadays it is most of the times can be caught through WhatsApp chats or other such digital residues here and there in the web. Adultery is never acceptable in the family or society or country or anywhere in the world. Traditionally many women were dependent on their husbands for financial matters and they had to tolerate the adulteries done by him otherwise he would torture her or ask to leave on some pretext. Today it is not so simple and both can take a stand on adulteries committed by either partner.
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    Adultery and fornication both are not good for this society. Unmarried people having affairs with other unmarried person is not good. Indian society will never accept such things. Even married people having illegal connections with other persons is also a crime. If one is not liking the other partner, they can separate and get married again. That is legally acceptable. But without doing this, establishing a connection with others is not fair. It is inhuman. Only animals can do that. This animal instinct in human beings will be viewed seriously and punished.
    These things will bring a lot of indiscipline in people. Many problems will come. Many people will get killed and others have to suffer a lot.
    Whether it is a male or female, getting involved in Adultery and fornication, is not acceptable and that will lead to the destruction of the family and also the people involved will suffer a lot.

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    Adultery does not speak of healthy culture of the society. Its side effects are enormous since such a trend will spoil the charecters of the young generations. The kids of the families, too, will have detrimental effects of the adultery practice. We need to think over the bad effects that may take place in the long run.
    However, living together without marriage has been accepted by the court considering that such a phase of dating would provide opportunities to young couple to study each other prior to marriage. To that extent, it may be partially right but think the other way where marriage between the two is not materialised and there was indulgence with the adultery. Such relationships should also not be encouraged to arrest adultery.

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    What you don't like for yourself, you can't encourage it for others.

    Adultery and fornication are vicious and filthy acts that everyone should stay away from these obnoxious things. Such things can't be accepted in a civilised society.

    I feel I and you, and all those who feel it wrong are blessed to have understood the point. All those who are endorsing and indulging in fornication and adultery may not have yet realized its repercussions. This is also the unfortunate thing that such provisions are there that allow these things.

    But since you have known this is wrong and you should discourage it to others as well.

    And I feel ISC a better platform to express and encourage better things in society, therefore, don't need to go anywhere else to express my opinion. What is needed is the heart to digest the truth?

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