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    What type of Gift you prefer to present to your relatives and friends?

    Exchanging/presenting gifts has become a common practice in our life. We generally present gifts for birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

    I would like to know what type of gifts would be appropriate for the occasions. There are gift items like cakes, sweets, which are eaten and forgotten. There are flower bouquets that are preserved for a few days or weeks or months and thrown into dustbins. There are permanent gifts that are placed on walls and shelves, and they remain forever.

    Which gift do you prefer?
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    When I was a child I used to give pens, geometric boxes, lunch boxes as a birthday gift.

    Now a days on the birthday of a friend I guess a t shirt, wallet, belt, perfume,deodarant , watch etc can be given as a gift.

    On wedding anniversary bedsheet, dinner sets, tea sets or any kitchen appliance like blender, chopper, non stick vessel, any electrical appliance which is affordable can be given as a gift.


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    Usually for wedding parties of neighbors and friends, I use to give Wall clocks, God's laminations or sometimes gift cover with money. For close relatives, a silver item, clothes, or a gift cover with money. At Christmas exchange parties in my organization where I worked, I use to give teacup set or wall clock to my Christmas partner.

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    It depends on who the person is. His taste and hobbies. Generally, I select those items which they will use and every time they keep remember me. Mostly, I give clothes of their choice and colour or mobile and something like that. It all depends on situations, my relations with him, occasion.

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    There are many factors to consider before deciding on the gift to be given?
    1. What is the occasion. Generally, we give gifts when there is a special function or we are visiting them or they are visiting us. What is the function? The function of a one-time function like marriage or yearly function like a birthday. We can decide based on the occasion.
    2. How close they are to us? This is another point to consider the item for a gift. If they are very close friends or close relatives we will consider a little costly item. If they are distant relatives and normal friends we may go for a less costly item.
    3. Did they attend any function in our house? If so, did they give any gift? If they gave a costly gift now we may have to consider at least the same cost gift if not costly item.
    4. Once the above factors are known only, we can decide on the item.

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    Earlier, I was giving some household or utility items to our friends or relatives. But I found that generally people have those items and it is only a redundant one for them. So I changed by giving books for reading. There are so many good books available in book stores or online stores and if we know about the interest of the person then we can choose a good book accordingly so that the person also likes it.
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    In most cases of gifts, I like to give items that can prove useful for the front of one person. The exchange of gifts is very important in human life. They become even more beautiful when packaged well. One should not understand the value of gifts by its prize in life, but the spirit of the giver. Others should give the same gift that works for him, not the gift that becomes a useless thing lying in one corner of the room.
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    There is no hard and fast rule as to what gift be given to the relatives and friends and that is decided as per the occasion , function and the closeness of the person but if we confuse with gift and could not arrive at the right gift, then we would chose the cash as the last resort and that would given in the gift cover. But occasions do give us the chance to decide on the gifts,. For example for house warming ceremony a framed photo of Gods would be the ideal gift, If a new house was constructed and a party is thrown in the honor then gifting two brass lights would be the best gift. For the marriages and functions the liking of the groom or the bride would go with the choice and for other functions the popular say of the family is respected and the gift is chosen. One thing is sure, the more the big pack of the gift people get notice about us.
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    To me, A gift presented should be long lasting and worth to remember. To my close relatives, I would ask for their choice and present it. To my friends, it would be a surprise, but the item would be everlasting. Other distant relatives and friends, I would choose to present cash inside an envelope. I prefer to buy metallic items like Gold, silver, copper, brass, and stainless steel. I avoid gifting electrical and electronic items. Also, I avoid presenting bouquets, flowers, cakes. and clothes.

    I like to present good books as a gift. To a bride, I would present a book on ' How to cook'

    Just yesterday, I presented a personalized Cushion to my friend's daughter (Her photo printed on it).

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    I generally select the gift as per the occasion. If it is a child's birthday then a toy or playing thing would be an adequate item for gifting. If it is a marriage anniversary, a dress would be a better option. Sometimes when there is no choice of item and confusion prevails I prefer to gift cash in an envelope as the person can buy a thing of his or her choice. So it is not necessary to give a gift in material only as it can be in cash also.
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