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    Why are farmers still poor ?

    India is known as an agriculture-based country. When the farmer grows the crop in heat or cold or rain then we get lunch and dinner. We will not eat mechanical or electrical or electronic items. We need food when we are hungry but sadly, one who works for us day and night we don't think about him. When he gets up after midnight, then club-goers go to bed. He lives a simple life because of his poverty. But when the farmers wear good clothes, then we doubt if, really, them being farmers? If they come on the road they become anti-nationals, Khalistani and puppets of China and
    Pakistan. How disgusting!

    If there was Rs 1/- income of farmer/government employee/teacher
    then now income of a farmer is Rs 21/-, government employee Rs 180/- and teacher Rs 200/-

    Now, who is responsible for their poor condition? First, it is a congress. These bills which have been passed by BJP was the planning of Congress party but they lost the elections. It's also used to be claimed before 2019 elections by Congress party that the BJP government had been following their schemes since 2014. But MSP was to be guaranteed by Congress party in their proposal. Interesting point is that then late Sushma Swaraj raised her voice against this proposal of UPA government on behalf of her party in parliament. Now BJP says these bills are good for farmers and Congress claims bills are bad for them.

    What an irony..!

    Why no government ever thought for their upliftment and made them rich. They kept on befooling them. Do you ever think about why they commit suicide? Richest farmers are in Punjab but their average monthly income is approx. Rs 18000/- and in Bihar, it's less than Rs 3500/-
    Are you not richer than the richest farmer?
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    As I said that farmers are not poor but made poor by the middlemen. To make farmers rich, the government should buy all the farm products and sell them to the public. Middlemen should be totally banned. There should be fair price shops in every nook and corner of the country run by government agencies. One nation one rate should be introduced.
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    I agree that middlemen play a vital role in not getting good rates for their crops. What you have suggested that the government should purchase all their crops. It's not possible. As per records, only 6% of food grains is purchased by FCI. Rest 94% of their crops is sold in the open market.

    They are helpless to take the help of middlemen in the mandi (market community). Rich farmers have already been selling their crops all over India. But in some cases, rich middlemen purchase from poor farmers and they sell it to other states because poor farmers don't have access to even another mandi of their district. When such items like tomato, a perishable item, a farmer bring in market (mandi) to sell. They sell it to middlemen and they sell on auction to other buyers who come to buy tomato.

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    Farmers of Punjab are rich because of infrastructure like electricity and modern facilities used for doing agriculture unlike the farmers of other states.

    No doubt farmers do lots of hard work for feeding us but the ones who produce food for us are not treated good by the government. It's pity that monthly income of the farmers of Bihar is 3500/- . It's said because the people who live in cities spend that much money in the club in a night.

    The government should think about the farmers before we lack people who may produce food for us as these days also we see that people don't want to become a farmer. Even the kids of farmers too don't like to go in the profession of agriculture. They also want to study and become an engineer or a doctor and earn good money.


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    @Sanjeev Gupta: I totally agree with you that governments should think about these farmers. They need help of governments. I hope that government will satisfy farmers and ongoing strike will come to an end.

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    Over the years the farmers were taken for a ride by the parties in power and they called themselves to be the champion of farmers but in reality they brought in middle man culture and the farmers were forced to do the dealings with the middle men through the appointment as the marketing yard committee chairman and thus the leaders and middle men got benefited and not the real farmers. Some times the offer was so low and disturbing to the farmer that he could not even realize the cost of bringing the produce to the yard and thus having vexed with this kind of middlemen arrangements, many farmers dumped their produce on the roads in protest and went home crying for helping hand. Having seen this plight the new farm laws now guarantee the farmers to choose his own rate, his own market selection and no one can force him to sell at low price,
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    So far, the earlier Govt were busy in making big bridges, roads, infrastructure, and other constructions and as we had seen that there was a lot of money making by some of the politicians and high officials by taking a part of all that money from the big contractors in one kind or other. There are hundreds of cases of such offences going in the court against those erring employees or higher ups. Many Ministers were also booked and for example Lalu Prasad Yaday is still in Jail for his rampant corrupt practices. So in a country where most of the people in high positions are bothered for making money by corrupt practices, who has time to think about the farmers. The present Govt is trying to bring some legislation to ease up the situation but the opposition and the middlemen, fearing that their earning potential will be jeopardised, opposing these new farm laws. It is unfortunate that we have a tendency of criticising even a good governance who is sincere in its approach. It is not a question of Congress or BJP, it is a matter of good governance and whichever Govt can provide it can do good things for the benefit of the farmers.
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    It is irony that most of farmers in our country are not in a position to get a reasonable amount by selling their produce because of involvement of the middlemen. These middlemen belong to affluent classes and have the both money - power and muscle power to influence the poor farmers. The farmers needing immediate money would rather accept the offer of the middlemen and dispose off their produce after getting the throw away price offered by them. They are the helpless peasants having no time to go to Mandi to sell their products due to its location far away from their home. The middlemen take advantage of this situation and their genuine labour put in producing different yields don't provide them the justified price.
    The government was thinking in this line to fix MSP for the benifits of these peasants but it is not being understood by the community clearly. The middlemen and other opponent parties are making the situation beyond control for their benifits. It would be better for the farmers to take stock of the situation and should take appropriate steps with their cool brains.

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    The middlemen sitting in the market have their own union and work in cooperation against the farmers. They will fix a rate to loot the farmers. Without any bargaining, and no way to move to the other middlemen, they will have to agree to the price fixed by the middlemen. And the middlemen fix a high selling rate to benefit.

    The middlemen loot the farmers by buying the products at a very low cost, and loot the public by selling it at a higher rate. So the farmers and the public remain poor, and the middlemen grow rich and richer.

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    I would say farmers should come out of the clutches of farming. They should not believe in politicians that the politicians will do something for them. Politicians want farmers to remain as poor farmers so that at the time of elections they can give some sops so that the farmers can vote for them. Farmers should educate their children to become doctors and engineers even by selling their lands.

    We need not bother about who will take care of farming for producing food grains. In US, agriculture is done by hardly 2% population and all is done through mechanisation. Same thing can be implemented in India also.
    We may get a doubt that these 2% population will dictate the prices of food grains. But, the live example of US is in front of us.

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    @SuN: Do you know why farmers sell their product to middlemen or to buyers through them?
    I am sure you don't know and believing in hearsay you are harping on the same string.

    Reason is that government department don't purchase their product. 94% of farmers' product is sold in open market to middlemen or through middlemnen. If government starts purchasing all their crops why they will go to middlemnen?
    Do the middlemen pressurise farmers to come to them? No, rather ,it's the compulsion for farmers to go to middlemen because government purchases only 6% crops from them and if they don't sell their product, especially, perishable crops, will get decomposed if not sold or if sold next day rate will go down in contrast with what they have invested in cultivation of the crop.

    What are FCI officials doing?

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    The farming community in India is always at the receiving end only. Banks hesitate to give loans to them. The government will never think of them. If the yield of this crop is not sold many of the Indian farmers can't invest in the next crop. They have to buy the crop immediately. So the rich middlemen will purchase the products at a throwaway price and store them and sell when the rates are increased. So a farmer is not getting back what he invested sometimes. They put all their money on the field and there is no guarantee that crop will be good and they can get back their money. An untimely rain may spoil the whole crop. Many small farmers are not able to cope up with the losses. No government will try to help the farmer really. The Minimum selling price concept is there. But whenthe farmer is not having money he may be selling the goods even for less than MSP. The middlemen are becoming rich and the farmers are struggling in the field with poverty. Let the middlemen go and let there be a chance for the farmer to sell at a higher rate than MSP, create storage facilities and give cash repayment holiday. Then only there will be some relief to farmers.
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    It is the rich and influenced middlemen who stops the government buying the products directly from the farmers. If all the middlemen are removed, it would be possible for the government to set up their own government-run markets. Tamilnadu government started off with a concept of 'Farmers Market"(Uzhavar Santhai). It was started by late former CM of Tamilnadu Mr. K Karunanidhi. When the next government of JJ came to power, they locked the market and sent the farmers back to the pavilion.
    I am sure, if the government or corporate comes to replace the middlemen, the farmers would be highly benefitted and also the public.

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    SuN: You mean to say that government is weak and middlemen are more powerful than government and they stop government to purchase from farmer. ?
    Why government is helpless before middlemnen? Plz explain .

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