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    Crores of rupees spent on them are they really deserved for that?

    As we know if an Indian player plays 1-5 international matches for India you will be a crorepati (nowadays no need to play International matches only IPL is enough)and if you play more than that then you will be the richest and if you got some recognization like Sachin, Virat, Dhoni you can feed two states for one year with the assets they earn we(Indian public) will get nothing and a small series win like T-20 we feel happy. The Neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh are also cricket-loving countries are the players are earning the same as our players as they are also winning the matches and International tournaments. What is your take? Is it not too much money spent on the cricketers? Are they eligible for that? Craziness or Madness or fanaticism is there in Pakistan and neighbouring countries are they are earning the same as Indian players?. As the Australian players are also not satisfied with their salaries they have a collision with their board as Aussie won 5 World cups, 2 Champions trophy and many more and have a better record than India in Cricket and Australians are also crazy about Cricket. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Agree that we are crazy for cricket. See our Indian media how they report if India wins or loses. This kind of frenzy is beyond perception. No country pays so much amount to their players.
    However, other games and sports should also be given importance and money.

    BCCI is the richest cricket board too.
    In past when Indian team was playing in Sauth Africa. In a test match 7 Indian players, including Sachin Tendulkar were banned from playing next match. Then Indian team management complained it to BCCI and our board took a decision that umpires who were involved in taking this decision about 7 Indian players will have to be discarded from the series. Series was stopped. Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa. As you know, ICC always favours "Whites" and Indians are brown. It was very difficult to accept the demand of BCCI. This standoff continued , despite, dialogue between Indian board and ICC. But ICC was not ready to stoop. Then Indian board declared that "we will constitute another international board of none whites". ICC yielded to demands of Indian board and Nelson Mandela clearly said to his board that India is their friend and they can't make their relations derail.

    Do you know why ICC bowed down before BCCI, reason is that Jagmohan Dalmiya had been on highest post in ICC and he knew that maximum income for ICC comes from India. If India separates from ICC. It will finish.

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    Crores of rupees spent on them are they really deserved for that?is my question whereas the Neighboring countries are also fanatic cricket lovers are their players are earning the same as Indian players?
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    I do agree with the author that when the national pride comes first the cricketers should realize that they are playing for the esteem of the country and not for their own and when crores rupees are spent to organize and benefit each player, they should have sense of responsibility to play for the country and by let losing the matches to the hands of opposing team the Team India players have once again betrayed the aspirations and expectations of each fan and also the board. Is there any think tank in the board to inquire about what caused the debacle of the team so poorly in the hands of opposite team and what went wrong. Is there any coordination lack between the players, was there any laxity on the part of coach who failed to guide the players properly or the entire team were managed by some to offer worst performance ?
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    What is the use if the money earned sleeps in the bank lockers? I would appreciate if the cricketers adopt a village or a small town and spend a major portion of the money earned by them. Most of the Indian cricketers are selfish to possess heavy wealth. They need to be generous and broadminded to help the society. Instead of practicing 'Play, Earn and Save', they should practice 'Play, Earn and Spend'.
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    #717094 In addition to that they are not doing anything spectacular in winning the matches as they are just earning. West Indies Won Two T-20's and 2- World cups. Sri Lanka won all ICC tournaments(WC, Champions trophy, T-20), and Zimbabwe also won major tournaments and Triangular series... Pakistan also won Major and ICC tournaments are their players are earning this much amount of money?. Is the country's people are not fanatic lovers of Cricket?.
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    Yes they are paid more than they deserve. By just playing IPL they are earning lots of money. In the past before the captaincy of Saurav Ganguly the match fees was not so high and the cricketers were always seen protesting for their salaries.

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    Don't worry about Sourav Ganguly now he is earning as BCCI chief and Gavaskar and others are earning in Commentary. Ravi Shastri is earning as a Coach So no worries in earning whether he is an old player or new player.
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    True. A lot of money is spent on them. BCCI is able to earn that much money and hence they are paying. Only cricket players are getting very high benefits. But not other players. This is mainly due to the following the game had in our country. People are ready to spend money to watch these games. So BCCI is organising games and so many corporates are ready to spend crores on their advertisements. Wherefrom this money come to corporates. Again the expenditure will be added to the cost of their products. Ultimately we have to pay from our nose.
    These cricketers will earn through advertisements also. That is why cricketers who are playing for the nation are very rich. So BCCI should decrease the payments to these players and use the money for promoting the game in the country and also should encourage players who are playing in domestic cricket and see that they will also have some livelihood.

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