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    National shut down on 8th Dec, do you support or oppose ?

    The on going farmers stir has taken the political color as over 18 parties across the country has extended their total support to the call given by farmers union across the country to observe total national shut down on 8th December and now seems that the farmers have let loose their fight and the political parties are hijacking their cause to the political mileage by lending support. As a common man what is your say on this matter. Do you support the national shut down call given by the farmers and ably supported by the parties or oppose the move ?
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    Agitation will always come from the common man then it is carried by political parties for their vote bank politics its natural in this part of the world. If it is not carried by them it will not get highlighted.
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    Whenever there is an opportunity to oppose the ruling party it will be taken up by some influential people who can channelise the people following them for any gathering or agitation. Many of the participants in this agitation will not be knowing the ABCD of the farming improvement laws. They have simply come on the call of their leaders. Most of them will be working in the mess for providing food to the active workers. The interesting thing is that during the current regime opposition is not getting a logical and apparent point to make agitation and they have to do a lot of research and homework in finding some fault in the new legislation which they can take up on the roads. Even the speeches of these leaders are incoherent and immature. They have money in the party fund and they are spending it. Rich farmers have joined them, middlemen have joined them, so a big lobby is there and now they will try to destabilise the country through the proposed agitation or blockade on 8th Dec. Their aim is not to help farmers, their eyes are on the next election when they would come back and then make the lives of poor farmers more miserable but middlemen and their allies will be immensely benefited. Who will support such an agitation?
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    Umesh you have rightly summed up that those who are not aware and not concerned are making this stir call.
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    The opposition parties naturally support any agitation by any section against the Government. The leaders of the farmers have not allowed any political party to hijack their agitation. They are determined and it is for the Government to talk to them to pacify their anger against the farm laws. The Bharat Bundh is not for destabilising the country but to make the Government listen to their demands and act.
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    We have witnessed many such bandhs in the past. This is one among them. The Bandh won't be successful. This protest and strike are limited to the rich farmers of Punjab only. It would be a token acknowledgment by the farmer unions of other states. The common people know that the farmers' protest against the bill is not justified. Instead of calling for a repeal of all the three farm laws, they should suggest amendments to the law and abide by it. I don't think the common people would support this protest and Bandh on 8th December.
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    In Delhi most of the borders are closed so we already are facing difficulties in commuting.

    As a common man I have been facing difficulty to go office and come back to home from office . So won't support it.


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    A bundh for a day is a big loss to the nation. People who are working on daily wages will lose their income for a day. The auto drivers will have no business on that day. The roadside sellers will not have any business on that day. Many people suffer.
    Already many lost their jobs and struggling for their livelihood due to COVID 19. Added to that if we make these people suffer by declaring strikes and bundhs. But no political party will think about these issues. All the leaders will not have any problem as they are all rich and they need not worry about a day's bundh.
    Oneday if all the manufacturing activities are stopped. how much loss will be there to the nation? The bundhs are useful to only political parties to get some political advantage. One day bundh is not going help in a way. So I never welcome such closedowns.

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