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    Are we getting what we want?

    You ask any person or even question yourself as to are we getting what we want. Some times yes and many a time no. Because our wants unusual and not achievable through normal life and we demand such things which are not even in the thought process of our own in the past. Though the wants are new and changing, but getting them is the question of initiating and achieving and many have tasted the failure than the success. What is your take on the subject? Are we expecting more than what we needed and why our even just demands not met?
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    It is the money that matters a lot to get what we want. A penniless guy cannot dream of getting something for him. A penniful guy would get anything and everything that he wants in his life. Have Money to have Many.
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    Desires and wishes should be always achievable. A person who is not able to have two square meals a day wants to have a Benz car, it will be ridiculous. So we should understand our personal financial position and our affordability.
    We have to work for what we want. Nothing will come free in this world. You have to work hard, and then with the money, you earned you can fulfil your ambitions.
    Sometimes even though we have everything in our life, we want some more than what we have. There is no end for our desires and wishes. So there is no guarantee that we will get everything we want.

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    Is there any limit to our desires? As long as we have limitless desires we will never get everything. Another important aspect is why you want such and such things? Is it because you really want them or because you wish to possess such things since your friends or neighbours have those things? Desires and dreams are almost equal. To make any of your dreams come true you need to pursue your dreams, the same is the case with the desires. Just dreaming to land on the moon is not sufficient. If you start following every process of going to the moon you can go there but without that, it will remain just a dream.

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    Nobody can ever be satisfied in his life to what he,hitherto, has achieved. He wants more and more, rather, his wish and desire continues endlessly. A person can stake his life and get exposed to danger , even he may lose his life wherein, but he doesn't care about anything. I used to watch a TV programme "Fear Factor" on an English channel. Participants would undergo toughest daring-activities through different stages and winner would be awarded $50K.

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    Anything other than food no one can say, 'enough'. As told by one economist, wants are unlimited. If we have one thing we will seek another though we accomplish the first one. Though a father buy many thing for his child, the child will ask another newly. Like this, we also, we are asking more and more without satisfaction.

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    Humans have an unending list of desires and I guess, we should ask, "Are you satisfied with what you get?". It is because our thought process never allows us to feel satisfied even if we get what we have desired for some time ago. It is like when we get something, now we want something else, and then again as soon as we achieve that, our wish shifts to the next. This cycle goes on till our last breathe. All other things apart from our basic necessities are luxury and must be optional in life but many people want to follow the lifestyle that actually they cannot afford. That leads to disturbances in life; both mental as well as physical.

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