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    Why only Punjab farmers, why not all the India's farmers?

    While the farm bill is for whole of India, only the Punjab farmers are protesting against the bill. And the government is having a meeting with only the Punjab farmers protesting on their borders.

    Why not the goverment have a meeting with the farmers' unions of all the states of India to seek the opinion of majority farmers?

    In fact, the government should have a meeting with poor farmers from all over India and seek their opinion on the farm bills.
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    Only farmers from Punjab are protesting because they are highly benefitted from the MSP procurement system, especially for wheat and paddy crops. Punjab is the second largest producer of wheat in the country and the third largest producer of rice. Approximately 18 percent of India's total wheat production and 11 percent of rice production in 2018-19 is contributed by Punjab only.

    So Punjab farmers are being getting affected more than the farmers of other states.


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    As I want to raise this question through this forum some people are saying that the Khalistan movement has again started with this. Only Sikhs are attending and negotiating with the Government and only participating in the strike or agitation.No other farmers from other states are involved in this strike.
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    Bhushan is right. Does Punjab have only Sikh farmers? All are seen with their turbans. No one with a hair or bald head is seen on the negotiation meeting tables.
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    As from the Telugu media sources, what they printed and broadcast only Sikhs are protesting. I don't know whether it is true or not? or the Government is projecting like that I don't know.
    If it is for Khalistan movement everybody has an expression of speech so as for Sikhs

    Probability a theory based on Assumptions and Negativity(Elimination). It is used in the evolution of atomic theory.--- Bhushan

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    Sun, you asked about the Punjab farmers not about sikh farmers in the post.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    "Why only Punjab farmers, why not all India's farmers"

    Title of your thread is wrong, make a correction "Why only Punjab Middlemen, Why not all India's middlemen" ?

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    It is not fair to discuss with only a section of the farmers. The government should discuss with the representatives of farmers. These representatives should be from all over the country. Otherwise, the most acceptable understanding will not be arrived at.
    Farmers agitation is more severe in Punjab I think. Punjab may be contributing some good portion of the total supplies of the country. But there are states which are producing more than Punjab. Why the government should ask them also to come and negotiate. Otherwise, the actual problems that are being faced by small farmers may not be addressed by these participants.
    Really, farmers who are suffering are not taking an active part. But only rich farmers are trying to take advantage. The government should understand the actual problems faced by small farmers and address them. That is the need of the hour.

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    There is ten percent fact and ninety percent politics.
    The ten percent fact or misconception, misunderstanding could have been resolved if both side had approached the matter open minded. I think there was not much needed discussion and deliberation on the matter.
    The opposition political parties found this a golden opportunity to beat the BJP ruled central government.

    Whenever something new is brought, it is the experience that some people blindly oppose it with some presumptions and dogmatic theories.
    The Indian left parties were opposing computerisation for decades. They were predicting large-scale unemployment . What happened is there for everyone to see. They opposed opening up of economy just blindly. Now the left government in Kerala is engaging consultancy to private firms. They invite private business.

    Even the current protest is also like that. Opposing for the sake of opposing. Yes, there are some genuine concerns, doubts and misgivings in the minds of the farmers. That should have been removed or suitable amendments brought in the law by the true representatives of the farmers siting with government and discussing and deliberating.

    In this case it is a revival of certain very clear plans using the sensitive psyche of certain region/ religion people. What is happening now is shooting by vested interests even anti-nationals over(using) the farmers shoulders.

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    Punjab is considered the agriculture state of the nation and most of the people are farmers and therefore they depend on the land and benefits and does not tolerate anything less that comes out of land as benefits. But the new farm laws which actually benefits them was not told and convinced by the center and thus the misunderstanding and misconception about the new farm law still persists. Hardly 11 states and 19 parties are supporting the cause which proves that not all the farmers across the country are interested in the farm stir and they are happy with the new laws and this proves that one more attempt has been made by the united opposition to corner the Modi govt and ask him to scrap the law. And we know many who joined the stir are not farmers but the middlemen attached to the marketing committees.
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    If it were a genuine agitation then the farmers of all the states would had supported it. The irony is that some state Govt are also supporting this agitation. It is ridiculous. It is started by some people in opposition who are going to be affected by this law. For last 5-6 years same thing is going in this country and whenever Govt is doing something to benefit a larger section of the society with a background of national growth these middlemen are coming in between and showing their resentment against these laws. The gullible public should actually understand the hidden agenda and should not cooperate with these selfish people.
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    Now the government has given a written assurance that MSP will be maintained. I think this is a great decision of the government. Farmers should welcome it and should end their strike.

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