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    What would you do if you were Agriculture Minister of India?

    Presume you are the Agriculture Minister of India, proposed and passed the three farm bills. The farmers of Punjab are protesting against the bill. They have blocked the borders. They demand repeal of all the three farm laws.

    As an Agriculture Minister of India, What would you do? How will you deal with the situation?
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    If I were the Agricultural Minister of India, the first thing I do is to provide common storing facilities to farmers. The government will start constructing godowns These godowns will be given on rent for storing their crop. Once they store their crop in these godowns the farmers can wait to increase the price of his goods in the market. That will help the farmers to get good income from his forms If it is the necessary government can charge nominal hire charges.
    I will arrange loans with a very nominal rate of interest and give them sufficient holiday for repayment so that they will not be in a hurry to sell their crop for repaying the loan. A loan at a lower interest rate and a place to store their products will definitely make farmers avoid urgent sales and they will get good profits at least.

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