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    Almost All political parties on the same boat

    Today in a local Hindi newspaper Amar Ujala, an article is published of Jagdip s Chhokar, ADR Co-founder about stained -leaders who have been facing criminal charges in a court should be banned from contesting elections. According to Mr Jagdip, ADR has been asking the Supreme Court to ban all those leaders who have been declared as accused in any criminal case. Lately, BJP government has submitted their affidavit in Supreme Court in which the government has opposed to any order concerning ban such leaders. According to this article they have been appealing to Supreme Court regarding this matter for almost two decades. When the Congress party was in the centre then supreme court ordered the government to implement this law on stained leaders and asserted that these candidates should not be allowed to contest elections but all parties unanimously agreed on their agenda and passed an ordinance unanimously and sent it to President but President sent it back to the government for review their ordinance, then all parties again passed this resolution unanimously and sent it to President and he signed it.

    All the political parties speak against stained-candidates but they give the tickets to such leaders. When they are asked why these criminal background leaders are in parliament and assemblies of States they say that people elect them but the question is why they are given a ticket by these political parties if they are not given a ticket, how they can be elected. In most of the cases, people vote for the party instead of a candidate.
    In recent election in Bihar JDU, BJP and RJD gave party tickets to such candidates.
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    When it comes to defending their own actions every political party follows the same principle. Time and again the apex court is asking the government to frame rules so that candidates having criminal records do not contest elections but still they are contesting elections. The thing here is as long as the candidate is not convicted she/he is not treated as a criminal and hence contesting in various elections. It is true that many MPs/MLAs of almost all the political parties have criminals cases pending against them and there can be some false cases too, but as long as one is not convicted we cannot declare that person a criminal. All the political parties know who are the criminals and they use them purposefully and drag their cases in the court so that they can contest elections from time to time. Crime and politics are so interlinked that people started fearing politics. People also vote those candidates knowing fully well their backgrounds may be either because they have no option or somehow they are forced to vote for those candidates. If we all remain committed not to vote such candidates in any election then I think the situation will change otherwise, it will not be an easy task.

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    A real valid point. To work as a clerk in a government office, the person should not have any pending cases against him. The candidate to give a declaration and a police enquiry will be conducted. After getting the confirmation that the candidate is not having any cases only he will be given the appointment letter. But the supreme boss of this small employee that is the concerned minister of the department can be a criminal and there is no objection for that. Is it not ridiculous?
    The government should make amendments to the existing laws and should not allow any candidate who is a criminal. No cases should be there against the person if he wants to contest in the elections. This should be the criteria. But people in the Jail are contesting in elections and he blind followers will support him and ask the voters to vote for him. This is not fair.
    But no government is willing to do that. They never make a rule to avoid such criminals not to contest in any elections. Even BJP is also sailing in the same boat.

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