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    Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge.

    This is quoted by an avid thinker, philosopher Carl Jung. When you read this and ponder over it, a lot of clarity can be gained or say a lot of our own shortcomings can be realized as being a human.

    Humans are driven by a natural impulse and are imprisoned in a familiar world, one wants to hold on or cringe to the commonplace, the obvious, the most probable, be with the herd or masses, a herd mentality, to get validation by all. Humans want to be on autopilot and jump to judgment rather than thinking over an issue.

    Even here on this forum sometimes threads are raised with straightaway judgment rather than being reasonable and open to suggestions, discussions, and thinking.

    What do members think about this?
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    Without thinking and understanding, the issue completly going for a judgement is a very wrong practice. One should understand the issue completely and think about the issue and how it handled so far also should be understood. Don't come to a conclusion without doing the needed exercise. Never be autopilot. Take the advice of persons, think about all the alternatives and then only come to a conclusion. In deciding on the future course of action definitely consider your previous experiences and try to take a decision logically. Never come to a judgement instantaneously. Many times such decisions will backfire.
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    Judging is also not that easy because a judge has to go through the arguments and submissions of both side and arrive at the conclusion based on the evidence and the proof.
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    I, partially, agree with this philosopher or thinker . I would say it should not be generalized that all human jump to judgement or conclusion without thinking over it. He wants to say that it is human nature that they take their judgement illogically.
    His own logic can be applied to him that he himself jumped to this conclusion that human jump to judgement or conclusion without thinking over the issue.

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    Jumping to the conclusion without analysing the things is not good. I have seen lots of people who do that they just listen to one side and give their judgement or make up their mind.

    People judge others without knowing the whole story because it's easy for them to do so and they think that the judgement allows them to act in way they want to and that doesn't require themselves to change.

    Also they are not the decision maker. They cannot take the decison and have no mind to analyse the things. They lack analytical approach. They have their own world as they have separate parameters to judge others and diferent parameters to judge themselves.

    I have been with such people in my life too and have never liked such people. They are too selfish and self centred. They are egoistic and never think themselves to be wrong even though they may be in certain situations.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    Without knowing all facts or detail, justice can not be possible. The truth is that people do not go to the depth of talk before testing others. This is probably because most people do not feel good about other people and easily do wrong justice for others. There are very few people in the world who think it is good for anyone, they think about the welfare of it, they have positive feelings, or else how to pull the leg in front of it, how to make it fall, how to tell it less than yourself. Or how he has progressed and there are very few people who are happy to see someone's progress.
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    Thinking is the root to reach and conclude a matter. Just giving a judgement in the beginning would not give a correct assessment on anything. If some people jump to the conclusion in the beginning itself then what is the use of discussing about a thing.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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