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    Farmers-protest will not be successful in U.P.

    Today I went to a nearby city by bus. When we reached close to the city we were stopped by the police. On three entrances police has barricaded the roads. Eventually, all passengers had to get down the bus and went on foot. We were almost in jungle.No car, no bike was allowed to go towards the city. Somehow I could manage to return in the late evening.

    So much strictness by police is due to farmers nationwide strike on 8th December. I can say that the U.P. government will not allow protesters to come on streets. In Lucknow Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav has been arrested by police because he has announced to support farmers-protest and he has also appealed his party workers to protest to support the farmers-protest in Delhi. This situation should be in the entire state. I don't know about other BJP ruling states.
    News are coming from other parts of the country that farmers will protest. several political parties are in support of farmers-protest. Now let us see what happens tomorrow.

    What do you think about it?
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    Many state Govt will be cooperating with the agitators so this would be successful. Essential services anyway will continue. Schools and colleges are already closed. Maximum effect will be on the market and small vendor shops like tea stalls, snack stalls etc. These poor people making their living from small makeshift shops will be afraid and would not come out of their houses themselves. We have seen so many such agitation in past and this is not a new thing. During earlier regimes it was so common but now it is happening very less as governance has improved much. The opposition wants to somehow show that agitation are taking place in this regime also and by showing that they want to tell the public that their regime was also good. This is nothing but the game of politics between the two - one who do not have power versus those who have power. Such disruptions would continue till the next elections.
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    I do not think the Bandh would be successful. It would be a failure as the poor farmers and public of other Indian states are not in favour of a Bandh. Everyone knows the adamancy of the rich Punjab farmers not yielding to the request of the government to propose amendments to the three farm bills. We have suffered a lot due to Pandemic and lockdown for many months. This additional Bandh is unnecessary that would affect the life of many poor tradesman and daily wage labours.
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    In UP Yogi govt is doing extremely well and the CM has been posted of national and local issues and therefore give the police sweeping powers to deal with the situations and thus the farm stir which is done in many states could not take place in UP as even in this state many farmers are there and started enjoying the great benefits of new farm laws and thus Yogi govt proved that every center law should be told and implemented to the understanding level of the people and he was successful. For me it looks like Yogi has been guided and nurtured as the second in command after PM Modi.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why only in UP. The farmers protest won't be supported by many other state farmers. Farmers are happy with the three farm bills. I am sure, Punjab farmers will surrender to accept the farm laws with amendment and modification.
    Centre will not yield to the adamant attitude of Punjab farmers. There won't be any roll back.

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    Only 11 states and 19 political parties are supporting this stir and that proves that more than half of India would be functioning normally on the Bandh day and people are already vexed with forced shut down during the covid period and they are nor mentally prepared to support the so callrd Bharat Bandh call given by Kisan uniions. But one think need to appreciated that the farmers are doing peaceful pretest and not allowing any Netas to share their stage and that proves they do not want to give credit or miss to any parties through their agitation which they are fighting for-their own cause and others need not involve on support. How far this national shut down is gong to be successful in TS as the TRS party extended the support to the farmers but in our state there is no protest at all against the farm laws and this overture from govt uncalled for.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The Andhra Government and the Telanagana Government are supporting the bundh. All-State government establishments will be closed. No local buses. No shops will be opened. All schools and colleges are already closed only. I think online classes will go on and there will not any problem for that. In addition to the parties in ruling above two Telugu states, Opposition parties, which are in office in Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bengal, Kerala, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Puducherry are backing the bandh.
    As on time, many places the bundh is successful and probably all the shops may get opened. Some industrial establishments are also closed in many parts of the country.
    I think this is not the way to come out with an amicable solution. The government should see that the farmers will understand the new act properly and then if there are any genuine problems, the government should amend such points. Then only there will be a meaningful end to this agitation.

    always confident

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