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    What kind of books do you like to read?

    Books are man's best friend. One who never befriends them is never alone. They give a precious treasure of knowledge to humans and do not ask for anything in return. Many people are very fond of reading books. Books teach people how to live, with information about various topics. For creative work done in society, we get inspiration from books. Apart from enlightening talks, knowledge of the experience of great celebrities is also available from the books.

    As we are all authors here on ISC and we express our thoughts by writing and most of us or I can say, we all have a habit of reading books too. As far as my interest is concerned, I like to read motivational books biographies also.

    What kind of books do you like to read and how have those books made a positive impact on your life? Please share your experience so that people understand the importance of reading books.
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    For me the general knowledge and the current affair books are more interesting and whenever I visit the public Library I used to read Malayala Manorama , Limca book of world records and other interesting books which share the general knowledge not known to us.
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    My book reading started at an early age when I was in my high school. The main reason was being from a lower middle class family I did not have any opportunity to go with the well off students to local indulgences of all kind which required money in the pocket and my only solace was a Govt free library in our town where all sort of books were available and they were my main source of passing time. It so happened that starting from the children story books, I do not remember that when I jumped to the novels and big stories, but it happened quickly and I was among those books always during that time. In that pursuit, I learned additional English also in parallel to my school English learning and started to read the stories and novels in English which exposed me to the literature of the entire world and slowly and gradually by the time I reached my B.Sc., I was an avid bookworm. The habit remained till another decade and then I stopped reading with that high speed and concentrated to my job and career. After my retirement, I thought to rekindle that old habit but I realised that after reading so much let me now write instead and since then I am busy in writing in various websites including ISC and its sister sites.
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    I don't have the habit of reading books also I don't get much time to read books but still I like reading history books. I love to know about the Indian aand history of other countries.

    Also I like to read GK books as it always increase knowledge and for the preparation of competitive exams. Science was always my favourite subject in the school so I read anything related to science fiction , experiments with an interest.


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    I read books. I prefer reading good novels. I read both in English and Telugu also. I have a small library in my house. I read some books related to my subject. But these days necessity to refer those books is coming down. I read many mythological books in the Telugu Language. I read English IQ books and some human development bools like I Can Win etc.
    These days I am not able to read books for long hours. I have to read for some time and then give a back for some time and then again read. Reading is a good habit. But we should read to understand. Just simply going through the pages may not help.
    Book reading habit is coming down. Whenever we want we can surf and refer whatever we want. This is making people be away from reading books. Reading books will help improve our knowledge in the subject concerned and also give more knowledge about the language also,

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    In my childhood and school days, I was interested in reading story books. especially the novels. I used to draw novels from the library, take it home and read it for many days. I do not read continuously, but with breaks. After joining an organisation, I used to read magazines. I love to read Tamil novel/storybooks, Tamil weeklies. I seldom read English books. Though I read, write and speak reasonably good English, I don't read English books for time pass. Of course, I read English newspaper 'The Hindu' daily regularly .
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