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    Respect is essential for the single parents in our society.

    The term single parent gets the attention of a single woman in our mind first, but a single parent means the parent who raises her child alone, irrespective of who the parents may be, such parents would have dual responsibilities over their children. It is only they who have to fulfill the duties of both the parents for the child and while performing this duty, they also have to face the questions of society.

    There are many reasons to be single parents, then why is it not easily accepted by our society, there is no difference in it that it is necessary for the child to have both parents but to say that single parents do not raise their children in the right way It is wrong to say.

    Many people become victims of depression as soon as they become single parents, which is wrong, they should be proud of themselves that the work that two people are doing together in society, God has chosen them alone to do this work and they Children should also be proud of their parents.

    Remember, People will say something because they can do only that, but you should continue your acts as a parent for your child. Please share your thoughts.
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    How it's difficult to raise a child as a single parent only he/she knows it better who is doing it. Bringing up small children is a big test even for both parents and performing this responsibility alone is really difficult. Being alone beings extra burden of other responsibilities as well. He/she has to do household work, has to go to office/shop or whatever business he/she does and most important- looking after the child with love and affection and raising it as a good child, provide him good education, helping the child in homework and much more. Such a person hardly gets time for others. I appreciate them a lot. They are dedicated to raising their child without much ado. They are really brave. I agree with the author that such single parents should should be respected and appreciated as well.

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    Nurturing children single handed has become the big task and challenge for the modern parents because they are not with the elders and want to live on their own. Mending own ways is good but when it comes to small child care they need to take the help of elders no matter the difference of opinion may be there in many maters. But I have seen some single mothers doing their task with elegant and care and they even take the child to the office so that a creche which was created in the office premises to see the children of single women whose husband are stay put in other state or places and her job cannot be left out for the cause of child and thus many offices obliged to have the take care child concept and the new mother is also happy that the child is under her watchful eyes and they both return and stay at home safely but these days this task has become more challenging.
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    Due to circumstantial reasons, some people find themselves landed as single parent and it is really a big responsibility as well as a tough job to raise children single handedly. Another problem is to search some reliable care taker to take care of the children during absence of the single parent. It is a tough situation but single parent should not be let down by it and should try to face the situation boldly without bothering for the society. The single parent situation is more common for women as many men ditch and separate out with their wives after a few years of marriage due to various reasons of dispute between them.
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    I respect single parent by heart as I know how difficult to raise a child.

    Yes by talking about a single parent a picture of woman comes in mind who gives birth to a child without getting married. But that perception is wrong. There may be circumstances when a mother dies after giving birth to a child due to complications in the delivery.

    In my case my mother died when I was of 4 years and my elder brother was of 6 years. My father was a government employee and had a good salary at that time so he thought of raising us as a single parent but he could not do as it became so tough for him to see and doing a job so ultimately had to remarry for us.

    So I respect those who raise his/her kid single handedly . It looks easy but it's not easy actually . One has to work very hard for it.


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    A kid who is being brought up by a single parent will be deprived of the happiness of coming up with both the parents. So the single parents have to take care of the child with more attention and care. That means the single parent has to put in more efforts. Naturally, such parents should be respected.
    I know a kid whose mother died when the kid was just one year old. The father of the child brought up that kid with the utmost care and he never went for another marriage. She concentrated fully in his only baby girl. The girl was also very responsible and she studied well and settled in a good job. Even after her marriage she never left her father alone and she took him with her to the place where her husband works. That girl will always respect her father.
    But in society, we see different types of people who try to belittle single parents without understanding the hardships faced by a single parent. That attitude is not correct.

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