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    Why do we resist change more than most nations?

    Any change that seeks to introduce advanced technology, minimize the traffic on roads, or make things very simple for the common man, is somehow not welcomed in this country. We first thought that ATMs will not be accepted; today, even the remote villages have ATMs. People are quite used to withdraw money from ATMs. We then thought that the communist unions may resist the massive computerization of all records; this did not happen, thankfully.

    Today, the same communist States have maximum records computerized. While these social changes are quite alright, we do not accept any change in our cultural practices. We tend to be so inflexible and the conflict between the young and the old people is always seen. For example, at weddings, across all communities, there is a bit of dance that the youngsters want to have. This is partly due to the influence of films and television serials, where a dramatized version of happiness and the "to be" moments are captured in a different way. The old do not agree with this at all.

    Perhaps the next generation will totally change and this will be welcomed. We are still very comfortable with inter-caste marriages. When this will automatically happen, if at all it will, is a big question mark. And so the confilct between the old and the new continues.....
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    Yes that's true . We resist change . We don't feel comfortable when have to change. I remember when I used to change the jobs I found it very difficult to adjust with the new people. Recently I was transferred to other unit within the organisation and my dept was changed to production from production planning I found it difficult as I never wanted a change but later on accepted it as had no option and now finding it okay.

    It happens . It's human nature we don't easily accept changes in the life. Consider the people who are transferred to other locations even though they don't wish to . That's because where we live we adapt ourself there and have a sort of fear that how will we be able to adapt ourself in new location. Whereas we must accept the changes as there are chance that we may be having good scope and opportunity at the new place.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Any change not welcomed easily even by educated people also. If we start any improvement in the existing system there will be resistance from many sides. If the change is from the government, the opposition parties will resist. If the HR department wants to bring in some changes, the production department will not welcome. If the husband wants to make a change in the house his partner will resist. This is the order of the day. When a change is introduced everybody should understand the proposed changed and see that it will be introduced smoothly. For that one has to put some efforts and learn the way the change is to be brought in. It requires some additional efforts from the people. The use people never want to put in those extra efforts and that will lead to resistance. But if the change is pushed and forced people will accept as they have no alternative except accepting the change.
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    It's in our nature that we don't want change, especially, if someone else wants to bring a change and this change affects our life, in this situation resistance is quite obvious. We can't inhibit our urge to resist a change.
    Difference between generation is not new. Next-generation adopts new ideas, practices, trends, hobbies, fashion and lifestyle. The author has mentioned about introduction of dance in marriage functions, in which, even bride herself dances with her friends and relatives in gathering. I don't like to see young girls dancing, I don't stay there once loud music is played and people start dancing. However, I don't stop them. It's their choice. Who I am to stop them. It does not mean I hate music or dance but now I have my reservation about all these activities, so I move away from the spot. It's also a fact when I was in my teens I used to dance too but when I see young boys and girls are dancing, I want to let them enjoy. They might feel uncomfortable in my presence. I respect their feelings.

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