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    Do not be distracted by your path, no matter how bad the world says.

    Whenever someone says bad about us, if we have come to know that it has been said bad about us, at that time we do not feel good at first, but if at that moment we have changed our mind to mean, then this evil proves beneficial. Will be. And if we go with that evil then the consequences are so bad that you can get distracted from your goal. It has often been seen that only evil is done about humans moving forward, then we should move ahead by making this evil a ladder, or build a wall to keep it in our mind. Because this wall can be nothing but a link between you and your destination.
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    Soeaking ill of others is so common around us.When it happens about me I do not heed because being hooked up on such issues causes unnecessary tension which keeps on affecting normal life. Forget and move on is the best way. You can't stop people from spreading hearsays about you or others. It should be taken as a normal activity from fellow humans. They have also shortcomings like us. Sometimes, I have questioned the person who spread ill message about me or told something wrong, he just laughed and said that he was just joking. If we keep our heart untouched from effect of wrong message about us we never fall to tension or getting mentally disturbed.

    Some people deliberately may talk about you wrongly to distract your mind, especially, when you are working on any project or aim-based effort, ignoring them is the best way to come out from their trap.

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    It happens when you are moving on the success path people try to distract you and will say absurd about you.

    People always criticise successful people just because to let him/her down. But the wise person doesn't mind it and goes on the path he/she chooses.

    One has to be more disciplined and start neglecting the remarks of such people. I know it's not easy but we need to practice it to make our life good.

    One has to start finding the ways to get happiness. We should choose things we admire and should try to occupy our mind with the things we like so that we may not get a time to think about what people say about us. People who think more about what people say about them often get suffered from depression and other such diseases.

    Always focus more on the things you have decided and that way you may not be able to get distracted .


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    There is a very well known saying is there in Telugu which means that when an elephant is walking on a road, many street dogs will start barking. But the elephant never cares and continue its walking. If the elephant starts stopping and answering all the dogs that are barking, the elephant can't reach its destination on time. For an elephant reaching its destination on time is more important and it will not lose anything even though dogs bark at it.
    Similarly, many people may be talking bad about you. But never give importance to such bad talks. Continue your efforts and see that you will reach your goal as planned. As long as you are sure that you have not committed any mistake you need not worry about the useless talks of other people. We should always concentrate and focus on our goals but not on the other no value issues.

    always confident

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