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    How do you see the performance of Govt. and Private schools

    A huge amount of money is being spent on the education sector to provide quality education to students. Central and state governments are investing funds to make education accessible to every child in the country. Mostly the funding goes to Govt. schools where students get scholarships, free books, uniform and midday meals.
    But generally, if we look at the performance of govt institutions where teachers get a 40k-50k salary, their performance is not satisfactory. Even Govt. teachers prefer to stand in queues to admit their kids in private institutions which indicates they these teachers don't have confidence in govt institutions. Not that every govt school could be underperforming but we see generally govt schools not performing well.
    However, private institutions where a school teacher gets a salary of 5k-15k only, performance is satisfactory and children enjoying and scoreg better than govt institutions. What could be the reason that Govt. schools( particularly I'm talking about schools in JK) are still not serious about proving quality education and improving the performance of students.?
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    Not only in schools of JK but all over India the same situation prevails. State governments heavily allocating funds in the budget to encourage education every year. They are providing midday meals, free books, free clothes, free stationery, concessions on transport, etc. But very few people joining their children in govt. schools and in most govt. schools the strength is too low to run. People lost their faith in govt. schools because of mismanagement or improper management of schools. In both Telugu states, some of the schools were run for one or very few students will indicate the dire situation of these schools. Proper management and making the teachers and HM responsible for their duties only save this situation. Private schools with no external funds and teachers without proper qualifications are doing wonders means it clearly indicates how proper management of schools gives fruitful results.

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    There is a theory which says that Govt should only have and manage departments like defence, judiciary, police etc and leave business, education, industry etc for private players. Bu problem in this theory is that private players will like to play only in big cities and metros and then who will go to teach the poor in villages in remote area. So Govt in the developing country like India has take the responsibility of teaching in remote areas of the country to give equal opportunity to the population living there. Now the irony is that the teachers for those schools are not coming from Japan or Europe or US, they are in fact from here only and are common working people which we see daily around us going for their jobs. What is their devotion for the job and service to the country we all know. So, telling that Govt schools lack in quality is a fact and we all accept it. At the same time private education may be of quality but that is costly and not available in remote areas. These are the ambiguities in our country and we should try to cooperate with the Govt to devise new ways to improve the education system in our country by giving feedback to the Ministry of education and other concerned agencies. Already the new policy is on the anvil. But the fact is that until the workforce of a country is not honest and sincere, no development can take place.
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    Government teachers will be paid good salaries. They teach less number of hours and they have no responsibility.
    Private teachers will be paid fewer salaries. They have to teach more number of periods in a day and they have more responsibilities.
    Instead of having schools in the government sector, it can be decided to have schools only in the private sector. The government can give money to students in the form of scholarships and need not provide any subsidies to school management. Poor students can get money from the government based on their merit and that will take care of the expenses. Similarly, poor students can also be given financial aid. Then students will get benefitted.

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    Government teachers are of the opinion that their jobs are secured and hence no chance of termination of their jobs for their indifferent attitudes. Their entry level in the higher secondary school is around Rs 45 k as their basic pay at the initial stage and considering DA and other components, it may go as high as Rs 55 k. Other facilities such as pension and medical fringes are the extra facilities being offered to the regular teachers.
    Though they are well versed in their subjects and can provide essential guidance in their subjects but they would not do so because of their job security.
    While talking about the roles of the teachers working in private schools, they remain under the state of fearness of loosing their jobs on some pretexts or other including their poor performance in terms of their teachings keeping them in tight corner. They are ready to offer their service for even a meagre sum of around Rs 15 k in the wake of job crisis. They are supposed to show their excellent performance in their subjects for which there exists a system of feed back of their teachings from both students community and the principal of the concerned schools. Hence for them, there is no option apart from providing quality teaching.

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