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    Please hear to understand

    During our studies or later on while in service also we will be participating in various group discussions. We will also be participating in various meetings where important decisions are to be taken. Generally, there will be prior information about these meetings and discussions and all the participants will come prepared to discuss on the agenda circulated. All will come with some understanding of the subject.

    Many people are very eager to talk and see that their point will be accepted by all. In that pursuit, they will never hear what other person is telling to understand his point. They will hear to know the ways of negating it. This type of participation will not bring out the best possible decision.

    All participants should hear what others are saying to understand their point of view, try to understand the merits and demerits and compare with the points of others. Then only we can come out with the most suitable decision.

    I like to know the thoughts of other members on this.
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    Any democratic organization will excel under a democratic setup or functioning only. In meetings, in parliament, in assemblies, in political parties, in school organizations democratic discussions will bring new and fruitful ways or means of solving problems. But in all these organizations, unfortunately, the heads will decide something and they want to implement their thoughts by saying in the name of democratic procedures. Especially in politics, such democratic discussions will never happen and the head of the functionary decides the fate of people. These thoughts hypothetical only and nowhere such a situation can see in India especially in the present political regime.

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    An interesting observation made by the author. There are some people who want to talk but do not want to listen. This is an ill mannered thing. This also shows that the particular person is selfish and clever and wants to take the discussions in his hand for winning it somehow. Hearing is the precursor to response. How can one respond without hearing first. We should be careful about these people and the convenor of the group discussion should warn him that if he does it second time he would be out of the discussion. These people are to be treated in stern ways otherwise they would not learn lesson.
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    Listening, speaking or conversation is successful when we are currently in discussion. During the conversation, keep your mind empty of other things so that you can listen to others. Listening is the main point in the whole conversation, if we are not good listeners then we cannot reach the depth of the conversation. If seen, what you want to hear, only listen to it and leave the whole conversation. Actually, patience is required to listen. Even if someone is condemning you, listen to it patiently. Minor interactions may also be important. Leave the conversation which we do not like and not necessary. Periodically check yourself whether I am having the right conversation or not. Include laughter jokes in conversation. The intense conversation should also be presented lightly. Language is meant for others. Secondly, there are words, you do not speak for yourself. When, where, how, to whom, how much, what to speak, and when to be silent, understand this very carefully. Our voice should be for the advancement of the front.
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    This is not a good habit of some people who don't want to listen to others, rather, they keep on speaking when they are in a group. We must be a good listener. Being a good listener does not mean it's a weakness and also its not necessary that a person who speaks a lot and does not allow others to speak eak win the meeting. Most important point is when your turn comes to speak you should put your thoughts or views logically and all required evidences or statistical record. Speak less but speak solid.

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    Discussion is a two way or multi way communication. One has to listen what others are saying and respond accordingly. In the initial round one may put up their points. But in subsequent rounds, as the discussion develops, we should listen to others points carefully and counter them. Not to forget the points, it would be better to hold a pad and pen to note down the points put up by others.
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    Listening to others and then only reacting or responding is the correct way of carrying out a conversation. One side conversation has no meaning. People who do not give chance to others to talk are doing a blunder because they should know that no one takes interest in one sided discussion and if the other person loses ones interest in the matter then what is the use of such one sided dialogues.
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    Listening well and properly would lead to proper understanding of the issue and matter and that will pave way for the right decision. But listening and understanding happens at various levels of life and that need to be discussed. When you are visiting a doctor for consultation you must be able to convey the right problem to the doctor so that right treatment is initiated , Normally doctors are most busy and they would not listen to the patients in detail and therefore we must be precise and on the dot. And when you are being questioned in the court during the case argument the deliberation should be descriptive and to the understanding level of the judge. The more the details are given to the court through the arguments, the judge would come at early conclusion of the case and even ready to pass the orders for final.
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    Listening to someone before making a point is important for a constructive and fruitful discussion. Without listening to a person and making your point is not only disrespectful but also discouraging to the speaker who wants to convey his message to people around. Even if a person knows what the speaker is trying to speak, patient hearing is significant and a morally great thing for an informative talk. Always listen to the person who wants to convey his message and never cut short talk of one who is communicating. Develop the listing ability. Listening improves a better understanding and helps people become more vocal on certain matters.

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