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    What do you know about 5G phones?

    Nowadays we are seeing that India is going to experience 5G net and 5G phones. Reliance Jio and other Telcom companies trying to introduce 5G net in India by next year. To work with 5G net 5G phones are required. Already Moto and Oppo 5G phones are available in the market. Many more companies like Samsung are ready to release 5G phones into the market. Reliance Jio wants to introduce very less cost 5G phones. Then what is the benefit of 5G phones over the present 4G phones? If we don't buy 5G phones in what features we lag behind in the modern mobile updates? If we buy mobile phones at present, is it good to buy 4G or 5G phones?
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    The 5G phones would be 10 times faster than the 4G phones. While 4G can accommodate only 4000 devices in a sq km area, 5G would accommodate one million devices. It is the speed and space that makes 5G greater. There won't be any traffic jam.
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    5G is the 5th-generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. very The network is supposed to deliver very high data speeds, very low latency, good connectivity, a very high network capacity. A large number of users can use simultaneously and there will not be any problems. The 5G network will be expanding into new spectrum such as mmWave. It will give next-generation experiences like IoT and AR/VR to the user.
    With 5G download will be very fast. The upload speeds are also very fast. Latency will be very low. The connectivity will be very smooth.

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    5G phones with 5G speed means you have to spend more money in keeping a phone in your pocket. Monthly charges of internet will also go up next year.

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    Even now many places there is the problem of connectivity and speed. BSNL has started 4G just a month ago only in our place. Adding a new number of alphabets is a way of tempting people b creating demand and increasing business.

    By all these only a few monopolistic multinational giants benefit. We all feel that we have to need those new things and they are absolutely necessary for our lie. In fact these business interests will make it appear so.

    It is said that 5G will bring a very high speed. 4G also was talked like that. But the whole speed was exploited by FB, WhatsApp, Netflix, Hotstar etc. We would have lived even without them and without 4G.

    By 5G now we are tempted with a lot of promises. By and by all other earlier devices will become obsolete. We may be forced to spend more on newer and newer devices. Every month there will be new models with new specifications. We will be earning only to make others richer. I am now having at least ten handsets of 2G and 3G.

    As my son was not getting net connectivity in a place where he was sent for training, we had to buy a JioFi net device to get net in his 3G handset. Then by and by we faced problems of servicing and repair of 3G handsets. So we were compelled to buy a 4G handset. So the JoFi device became superfluous. But as we did not want to throw it out, we are still keeping it recharged as it comes to use when other net connection fails. So expenses go on increasing when we are compelled to migrate into new generation software and hardware.

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    We need to have electronic gadgets relating to the present trend to cope up the challenges officially. The additional features may be better connectivity, quick access and multi tasking, all these features are need of the hour. Any employed person who uses internet regularly never mind spending some money as an investment over 5G smartphone, it will be helpful at work.
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    When India is not yet fully enjoyed the 4 G network in full, thinking of 5G is too much asking and not ready for it. The call drops, the no-network coverage complaints are pouring in even today as the operators unable to compete with the zero compliant by customers the gradation to another level is nothing but a way to squeeze more money who have expensive gadgets on hand and wants to have the new facilities. One thing is sure the race in this regard was to be achieved by the BSNL first as they were ready some months back as there are less takers and no demand for the BSNL network the 5 G seems to be the non-starter. However, we have to wait and see as to when India would be finally ready for the over all 5 G connection across the country to which all the players must be ready and should not demand new gadgets.
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    New technologies are coming one by one and we are being tempted to by new handsets and new devices. It is a costly proposition. They will say that speed will be thousands times more but when we subscribe to that we find that there is some increase in the speed but not so much as promised. I think with these things the consumer is suffering in many respect. There are old mobile phones which are lying just like that and have no value. Even some new and good mobile phones are becoming useless because their battery is not available in the market. Just because a battery is not available people are buying a new device. Companies are happy selling new products to the customer. Only those who can afford to buy so many devices one by one with time can survive in this consumer product offerings by the manufacturing giants. Let us hope 5G will deliver the speed it promises.
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    We are hearing about these new generation technology in the media and it is expected that by the next year we will have to change our devices to adopt to these new technologies. The technology and scientific developments are taking place at a very high rate and the aggressive and business minded companies are bringing newer product in the market. Due to the high competition in this area there is a check on the price also to some extent and when these new devices come in the market appropriate to work in a 5G environment the old devices would become almost redundant. So it is definitely be a load on the consumer pocket but whenever the new things come in the market the people who can afford that go for it happily and others have to follow them even if they have to take a loan to possess that new item. It has happened with the iPhone of apple. Whenever they released a new model with better speed and capability, people made a bee line for that in the developed countries and immediately replaced their old model. So to some extent it is a craze also that many people go for it whether it is really required by them or not.
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