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    Do you support Dr. Subramanya Swamy's opinion of changing our National Anthem?

    Our National Anthem 'Jana Gana mana' written by Rabindranath Tagore is a very attractive and famous National Anthem. But Dr. Swamy feels that certain terms in this Anthem are not suitable for the present situation. For example, the word Sindh represents is a part of Pakistan at present. Similarly, there is no mentioning of eastern states in the anthem. So Mr.Swamy wrote a letter to our PM to change the present National Anthem with a song sung Indian National Army on October 21, 1943, when India captured Imphal. In my opinion, Jana Gana Mana is a very inspirational song and it can't be changed suddenly because of a few objections. Better change few words that are not apt for the present situation. Do you like to change our National Anthem to a new one?
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    A change is not required. The Original is perfect. National anthem is like a permanent body. It is like a human body that has taken birth through Rabindranath Tagore. The anthem is a well thought version covering then India. Such things cannot be changed time to time. One India, One National anthem.
    Who knows? We might take over Pakistan and merge with India tomorrow. Chinese might take away our North-eastern states tomorrow.
    Though I like Dr. Subramanyaswamy, I don't like his recommendation to change our National anthem.

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    Our national anthem has an amazing charm and attraction. It generates feelings and love for the nation. If some words like Sindh is objectionable it can be replaced by any other similar word which keeps beauty of national anthem intact. But changing whole of the national anthem, I would oppose it.

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    Our Indian National flag has a meaning. The saffron represents Sacrifice. White represents peace. Green for Prosperity. Ashok chakra for Dharma.
    Does these things exist in India? All are selfish. There is no peace. The country is not prospering. No dharma to talk. Only adharma rules.
    Due to the above, can we change our National flag?
    Tell this to Dr. Subramanya Swamy the great intellectual of our country.

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    I think we need not change the National Anthem. But it can be modified suitably by seeing that all the areas of the country are covered in the Anthem. We all got accustomed to this Anthem. Any change in the tune and starting letters will make us definitely unhappy. So tune should remain the same and include some new words or change some words in that and see that all regions are covered and all the people will feel that their region is also covered under this Anthem. I think the government may consider this. They never go for a complete change, I believe.
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    I am truly supporting Dr Swamy as the National anthem should portray the national aspiration and not those places which are in Pakistan and no mention of Eastern states. It is true that India is made of so many states and UT's and the new song should be formidable and give respect to all the places and people. In fact the central govt should constitute a committee to write and create a new national anthem which must elicit the response of all the people and arrive at the best lyrics including the seven sisters of the NE states. Hope even other members also support my views and second with their suggestions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Our National Anthem is a binding emotion for us. When we sing we do not critically analyse the words, meter or meaning. It stirs us from inside and is our emotional and existential identity along with our National Flag.
    Even when our National Anthem is played in instrument we get goosebumps and we stand in attention.
    Most of us would have felt the emotional vibration of our belonging to this great nation when we hear right from the start Jana Gana Mana till we end with Jaya Jaya Jayahe!!.

    However I will not blame Subramaniam Swamy also. Our Constitution has undergone a lot of amendments since its adoption. Some of the changes would have been just opposite to what Constitution makers would have intended. But we made the changes as circumstances had changed and necessitated repeal of certain clauses and addition of new clauses to reflect the need and will of the people.

    Now the tribe of those who directly participated in the independence struggle is fast diminishing. The second,third, and further generations since independence do not have the same fire and spirit of independence and nation building as the original freedom fighters. So they do not have the same emotional attachment to such symbols of national unity and freedom. Hence their thinking and actions will be more rational, matter-of-fact, and current ; devoid of the original umbilical connection and emotion.

    During my schooldays we had a common prayer in our schools. That rings in my ears even now. But now that is changed. In fact it was changed many times. It is different in different schools.
    Many new generation youngsters know Gandhi by seeing Ben Kingsley movie, know the tune of Vande Mataram only as the tune given by AR Rahman. If a new remix comes for National Anthem then that will also get acceptance and currency. Who knows?

    But at least for our generation National Anthem should and will remain the one we learned in our school days and sand every day. Jana Gana mana.. ....Jaya Jaya Jayahe!! It is not word but a great emotion of sound of freedom and unity coming deep from our hearts. It is a fire that springs from the bottom of our bellies which is enough to burn the enemies of our nation to ashes.

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    The anthem was conceived and formulated by the respected poet and novelist prior to our Independence highlighting the greatness of our country. It has been written by him considering the entire territory of India prior to its split in two country. It still retains its charm except the slight modification of the word Sindh now situated in Pakistan. The text of the anthem is otherwise still glorious.

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    We all are emotionally connected to our national anthem and it would not be proper to change it. It can be slightly modified if there are some aberrations in it. Changing national anthem will not bring any glory to us. It will be an unnecessary hassle for all of us who remember this nice poem. If we want to bring the glory in real terms then we should take the PoK area and Tibet back from Pakistan and China respectively and that will be the real tribute to our nation and our national anthem. We have to oriented to the better defence and strategy of our country and should not waste time in changing the colour of the national flag or lines of the national anthem.
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    Each person will have his own thoughts to present when it is nation as a whole. A patriot can establish his thoughts to have an appeal to rectify the rules or emblems based on his knowledge in favour of the nation. The national anthem was also selected by few leaders who have analysed the meaning before accepting it. Vande Mataram is also an inspirational song, so if some minor change in wordings need to be done without disturbing the tune, it is acceptable.
    Lead the leader

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    I strongly disagree with a view of changing National Anthem. If people have objection from the some term which is used in this song then it can be rectified. But, changing the complete national anthem is not right. Our national anthem is our soul. We have been attached our National anthem for a long time. Changing national anthem may create problem in the country. Our national anthem is an indicator of unity in diversity. Small modification may be acceptable but complete changes are objectionable.

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    There is no problem if we have the word Sindhu in our National Anthem. We may divide our states very frequently and we should not think about adding them in our National anthem by amending them every now and then. Pakistan is not our enemy forever. They might change. We might become friends tomorrow.

    If we can award Bharat Ratna award to a person not born in India or live in India, we can always accept and respect Sindhu in our National anthem. Does our National anthem spoil anyone's mental peace? Swamy is old and has nothing to do now. He is trying to find something to be in limelight.

    One Nation....Only one Anthem forever

    Government changes. Policy changes. Party changes. Let us leave at least one thing in India without any changes and retain its originality. Let that be our National Anthem that we are singing since 1911 and fully adopted on 26 Jan 1950 after Independence. No one thought about a change except swamy a controversial politician.

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    Controversy about Jana Gana Mana is not new. The controversy started a few days after Jana Gana Mana was written. Whether or not there will be a change in the mind of the people, it will only tell the time, but this much is certain that the people's mind will always be a national anthem of this country and will inspire the spirit of patriotism. Our constitution has considered it a national anthem and we must respect it. It was written some time ago, given the conditions of the time, people's feelings were expressed in it. But the sentiments expressed in the national anthem express the character and style of the nation. In my view, it reflects the unity and integrity of the country through an anthem which upon hearing a wave of patriotism arouses in all of us, and I do not think it necessary to make any change in this national anthem.
    Swati Sharma

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