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    Do you listen music at high pitch or low volume?

    Usually, soft music if we listen at a low volume we find it gives pleasure. Especially, the older type of music is of that kind. But, present-day music gives importance to the high pitch, and music lovers also wish to listen at a very high pitch. Along with TV they use a Sound Bar to enjoy the audio part of it. When we go to any home, we see youngsters keep modern TV volume very high watch movies or music. But I can't bear such high volume and watch programs. At such high volume we can't enjoy the program and nothing goes into our mind. What way do you like to listen to TV programs and music?
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    I am allergic to high pitch or volume. I would keep the audio in such a volume that the lyrics is clearly heard and understood by me. Out of the instruments, I like violin. I like the violin music played by late Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, a mastro in violin.
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    Some music is good to hear in high pitch and some are at low pitch. I used hear so. Carnatic music, I like to hear at moderate sound enable to grasp the raga. Old cine songs in high pitch as they were good in melody.

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    I like to listen to music with low volume. I can not listen loud sound for a long time it begins to hurt me. I can't tolerate it. Light music with low volume pleases heart and ear. I like old songs but soft songs of modern singers are also amazing.

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    It is always better to hear music at a low volume. Whether you use earphones or hear directly exposing our ears to higher decibels of sounds is not good. High decibels will affect the eardrums and our hearing capacity will come down. Another issue is higher sounds will disturb the people around. They will feel unhappy and discomfort. Another issue is music will be melodious when you hear it at a low noise level. When you sit in very dim lighting area, close your eyes and start hearing music at a very low volume, you will feel very happy and forget all your problems.
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    Music must be soothing and give the solace to our heart and thought power and in that case it should be with low volume and then only the lyrics could be understood and the music can be well listened when the volume is low.
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    Music is divine and gives relief to us when we are alone. I had mentioned about my thoughts in a TOW contest on drive. There are various types of music suitable for different moods of any individual. I love to listen music with a low voice. Late night when we put on such music its just like a mother's song who sings for her baby. It disturbs other people if the music we are listening to is high or they may not like our choice of music. It is also not good for the ears to listen to music in high volume.
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    It depends on the mood. When I am at home and have a party time l like to listen music at high volume and at night when I am about to sleep I like to listen slow and listen music at low volume.

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    I like listening to songs and my morning usually starts with fresh soft music. I do not like high pitch songs or songs playing on high volume. If I am in a get-together or a kind of celebration, then I am ok with some party songs getting played on high volume but that too for short period only. Many times, the feel of a song also decides its volume.

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    I had a habit of listening to music during my high school education time as my father bought one transistor radio which was our prized possession at that time. Though my father did not like anyone to handle it except in the evening when he wanted to listen to BBC for the news, somehow seeing my seriousness for studies and my good marks he allowed me to use it for some limited time and I chose it to listen songs whenever I was studying. That time it was thought as ill mannered if someone listened the radio at high volume and everyone in the family would object to it. So, I became habitual of listening to it at the barest minimum volume possible and still today I know so many old songs that sometimes come as a memory of old times in today's radio programmes. Incidentally, I am still an avid radio listener as it is an activity where I can do my other work also and of course I am listening it at the minimum possible volume.
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    There is no doubt that our mood is completely cured by listening to our favorite music. As far as my interest is concerned I like soft music. I always prefer slow volume while listening to songs it really makes me feel good. We all in different age-group love listening to music and everyone's choices are also different. Music also affects our health. When we are listening to our favorite song, there is a chemical secretion from our brain. It helps in making our mood positive and also makes our emotions strong. Apart from this, there are many health benefits of listening to songs.
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    I like to listen to music in medium volume neither low or high. Actually high volume music is very piercing to the ears. I do not like it. At the same time the low volume is inaudible and we have to attend to it with much attention and it is stressful in some way. The best thing which I have experienced is that medium volume is a better choice as yo can hear it without disturbing the other people.
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