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    New mysterious disease in Eluru town of AP

    In the last few days, more than 500 people of all ages have got hospitalized with complaints of epilepsy, convulsions, seizures, and giddiness. Doctors were not able to find out the reasons for the sudden illness caused to these people even thoroughly testing them. More and more people are coming to hospitals with the same complaints. Doctors believe that there is a contamination of water is the reason for this trouble. People are saying they are drinking packaged drinking water. Expert doctors from AIIMS, a team of experts from WHO, various scientific teams from the Indian government visiting this place to find out the real reason for this alarming situation. Some doctors of AIIMS, Mangalagiri estimating, this problem is due to contamination of water with heavy metals like lead and nickel. But at present no particular reason was confirmed for these complaints from large masses of people. If such things happen how safe our towns and cities for us?
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    This is the punishment to the human for ignoring and destroying the nature by cutting trees, polluting the air and the water bodies. If this has happened in only a particular area, the only possibility is drinking water pollution. A sudden pollution in a water body will not be immediately understood. Air pollution can be identified by the smell immediately.
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    Some water contamination is suspected. Some doctors are suspecting the contamination of water with organohalogens. They may be either fluoro compounds or chloro compounds. Many chlorinated hydrocarbons will be used in various pesticides and mosquito repellents also. DDT is used very widely to avoid insects to the agricultural fields.
    Another chance is that used lithium-ion batteries and Nickel-cadmium batteries might have gone into drinking water storage. They will also have such negative effects. Anyhow nothing is clear r as of now.
    A team consisting Dr Jamshed Nayar, an associate professor ( from AIIMS; Dr Avinash Deoshtawar, a virologist from the National Institute of Virology, Pune; and Dr Sanket Kulkarni, the deputy director and a public health expert from the National Centre for Disease Control, Delhi, is supposed to visit this place and conduct an enquiry to understand the reason and to suggest actions to stop further spreading.
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    The other day I was watching the television news and found that lots of children and women are hospitalized for their uneasy breathing and unable to have proper respiration and as the more cases started admitting in various hospitals the govt plunged into action and collected the blood samples only to arrive at the conclusion that the drinking water contamination with some chemical reaction was the root cause for disease and even the central govt has sent the team of AIIMS doctors to help find out the exact reason for the sudden spread of the disease. Firstly people were panicked as they thought that the covid disease has spread again. But on the assurance from the local doctors not to panic and it is not the covid and something else, the people got relief and started believe and why the chemical related cases are happening is AP only?
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    Most of the disease occur because of the water contamination only. So we have to take care of ourself and should drink clean and filtered water to protect ourself from the water borne disease. Hope so Doctors of AIIMS may be able to know the reason of the disease and may be able to cure people and help to stop further spreading of the disease.

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    This is a bad news. The environment degradation is probably taking a toll on human beings and if we do not take care of disposal of our waste in a proper manner then it is going to create so many problems. If it is due to water contamination then it will be a very difficult task to feed proper water to such a large population and treat the drinking water properly that generally is being pumped from the rivers and lakes.
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