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    Do we have trained teachers in our colleges?

    As we all know that training is essential part of perfection in profession. Our government has provisions related to compulsory training by aspirants of govt. teacher job but there is no condition which can oblige the aspirants of college lectures. Now the question is that how crucial is it to join the training courses by college lectures-
    All the respected members are invited to give their valuable suggestions related to the point of discussion.
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    Teaching is important to high school and primary school students. That is why we call them Teachers. A teacher should have sufficient knowledge regarding teaching. Once we finish our graduation we never know how best we can put our efforts to teach to school students will be taught in school training.
    But the student comes to the college level he will be very much matured to understand the subject by hearing the lectures given by the lecturers. So here no teaching is required except give the knowledge one has in the subject by giving a lecture. That is why they are designated as lecturers. That may be the reason why there is no requirement of training to lecturers and professors.
    As you enter the university the lecturers there will guide you and just give points and hints so that you will improve your subject.

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    What I feel that most of the colleges are hiring tutors and not teachers. That means they would teach the subject and go away for other works and they are paid salary per student and not fixed salary. In some colleges the bright students are retained as the faculty to impart studies and some students have already become the best teachers in reckoning with.
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    Teacher training not only improves once own personality, builds knowledge, latest technology and techniques used in modern education but also builds the fame of the institution for which he or she is working. It is although the interest of the person, some suggestions of free training or paid training both will be informed by the colleges within stipulated periods. There will increments in salary to appreciate and initiate other teachers for such training programmes. Hence it is necessary that one gets updated now and then to bridge the gap.
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    In goverment colleges lecturers and professors are highly qualified and knowledgeable where as in private colleges they are not much qualified as private colleges pay less salary to them. For government colleges and schools they have to pass the entrance exams that itself is too tough and not easy to pass.

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    Generally, teachers training is there up to higher secondary level of education. It is compulsory also and if a person has not done the professional teachers training like B.Ed. he will not be able to secure a teaching job. Even for the primary teaching, teacher has to undergo the relevant courses. As regards the college or university courses there is no provision for any such training and as the lecturer has to teach the advanced topics the students are supposed to be at sufficiently mature level to understand the things. But due to scientific advancements I think teachers in universities should also be exposed to refresher sessions so that they are aware of the new technologies and educational material being included in the syllabus time to time. Even in humanities new methods and new thinking is being introduced in some subjects.
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    The lecturers and professors of the colleges and universities are generally exposed to seminars and conferences as many of those activities are held in their area of teaching. Some of these are related to new subjects and frontiers of knowledge at that particular time. These activities keep these lecturers abreast about the latest in their subjects and it also indirectly help them in modifying their approach or matter in their routine lectures. So though there is no compulsory training as such for them, they learn a lot from there various activities and as a matter of fact these lecturers prepare for their lessons by referring to so many books and internet sites that it works for them as a training session only. There is a competition in teaching also and every lecturer wish for a good reputation in the educational field. So they work hard and prepare well for their presentations. Still in remote areas if some doubt is there about their performance the university or the college can arrange refresher courses for them also.
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