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    Do you think the bonds between the citizens of India are changing in ionic from covalent

    As we all know that according to the concepts of science covalent bonds are more stable than ionic bonds due to less difference in the electronegativity of atoms. The same is applicable on the countrymen of India. Politicians are playing the role of catalyst which is unstabling the bonds between us.
    What do you think, pay attention about my philosophical unique idea and then explain it with scientific approach.
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    A covalent bond is a bind which happens by sharing the electrons. Two atoms may have one unpaired electron in the outermost orbital. The atoms will come together and share the outer electrons equally in such a way that both can use the pair equally and a stable bond will take place.
    An ionic bond will be between one giver and the other receiver. One atom will donate an electron and become stable and the other will receive the electron and will become stable. The bond will happen by transfer of electrons.
    In olden days people used to share their happiness with each other and they used to lead a happy life. But slowly that concept of sharing has gone. Selling and purchasing concept has increased. That may be the reason for the author to think people moving towards ionic leaving covalent.

    always confident

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    I think this forum needs more discussion by all the respected members so that we can prepare a post which may give a message to our society, it is my rigid faith is that we will be able to prepare an analytical post with comprehensive knowledge.
    So I again invite to all of you for the discussion

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    You have already posted your post and there is no point in inviting people to it again and again. That would spoil the charm of your post. If the post has the merit people will come to it without inviting. You have submitted a good post and put up the things in a scientific perspective but related to the present day politics. Covalent bonds are definitely better as there a bondage and helping attitude in them. Ionic bonds are of different types. There is a hidden disassociation there in them which is not desirable for formation of a good society. So we should help each other and also work in cohesion for the development of our country.
    Knowledge is power.

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