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    Online grocery shopping is profitable to the customer.

    For the first time, I wanted to try online shopping for groceries. I ordered through Flipkart. There I could find many commodities marked as selling rate Rs. 1/-(Sugar 1 kg - Rs. 1/-, Millet Atta 1 kg Rs. 1/- Cow Ghee 100g Rs. 1/-) I was attracted by this offer. But they wanted a purchase of over Rs. 500/- to place the order with a delivery charge of Rs. 50/- and upto Rs. 1000/- for purchase for free delivery.
    I added few more items to make the bill Rs. 624 + Rs. 50/-(Delivery charge) = Rs.674/-(paid on line)
    I booked the items yesterday at 1800 hrs. They courier delivered the s promptly today at 1830 hours. All items in order. Expiry dates checked and found satisfactory.
    My total bill amount as per MRP is Rs. 1076/- and my payment was only Rs. 674/- A saving of Rs. 452/-
    Had I gone to the shop to buy these items, I would have paid Rs. 1076/- on the counter and incurred the additional expenditure for conveyance.

    What is your online shopping experience of grocery?
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    Yes, it is true. In online grocery shops, we get a lot of varieties of the same item. Two times I purchased through Amazon, at each time I got Rs.200 discount. Lot of discounts on each item also we are getting from these shops. Yesterday we bought groceries from Bigbasket for Rs.2000 and we got 5Kg Sugar for Rs.1 and also for buying on icici debit card Rs.100. Previously in jiomart Rs.200 discount. For our area Flipkart not supplying grocery items. Members try these online facilities once to know how it works for you. Sometimes we ignore these for long duration till we realize it.

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    There are many offers for people purchasing online. We purchase every month our grocery requirement either on big basket or Flipkart. There may be many offers and will be changing from time to time. I think in August month we got 5 Kg of sugar at the rate of Rs.1/- per Kg. But we have to do a lot of research to know the best rates. Rates will be varying from supplier to supplier. So for every item, we can see on various suppliers and decide finally on the vendor. It may take some time. But it is worth to spend that time.
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    Yes, it is true that online shopping sites offer discounts, cash backs etc initially. My experience is that by and by they stop all these. But by that time w would have lost touch with our local vendor. During times of crisis like natural calamities etc the online shopping do not help us. It is only the local vendor who is useful to us.
    Another thing we can see from experience is that the discount and benefits re only when there is competition and there are different online shopping sites and a good number of strong and reputed local shops. But one by one, there will be mergers, acquisitions etc and ultimately only a couple of big monopolist entities remain. Then they have the dominance and we consumers will be at their mercy.
    So we should not allow these big sharks to devour us for benefit of a few hundreds of rupees benefit. In the long run we will only stand to lose.
    Hence we should keep our local vendor also run his business with some profit. Our local vendors should also become more customers friendly and devise methods to pass on more benefit to loyal customers. We have to be 'vocal or local'.

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    It is true that the online shopping of groceries has become the competitive business between the Kirana stores, super markets and online suppliers. It has become increasingly clear that discounts and low prices are the order of the day and the online marketing has been done with the bulk purchases from the company directly and therefore they are able to give hefty discount and we feel that we are benefited. But all the products and cheap and fetch-able as there are some daily requirements which is costing more in the guise of graded quality and premium brand. Nevertheless we are saving on time and money and that is welcome step,
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    Stock clearance sale is the main idea behind these discounts. Important aspect behind is that the products will be based on quality and not on quantity. Through online purchases some products may not be of specified standards. There will be grade 1,2,3 and so on. When a person uses such groceries he will clearly understand that. Mainly check if the person who is using such items in kitchen does not complain. A few products will be upto the expected quality and worth buying too.
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    I am not sure if online shopping is cheaper than the window shopping as I don't do that. But I have observed that other products I bought online I found costlier than the price I checked on the shops.

    May be they clear their stocks as consumable items expire early and no one wants to buy an expired product. They have to give discounts on such product to maitain FIFO .


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    We have bought groceries mostly online this year due to the COVID issue and have realized the discounted rates and then additional discounts on the order value. Secondly, we can buy everything at one single stop like grains, dairy products, detergents, fruits and vegetables, all are available at single order only. But I have also heard about the complaints people have raised about the quality of products at many times. Many times, the delivery person delivers the order at the wrong address or the parcel may have one or more items missing. Then to get the problem rectified, you have to put in lots of effort. So, it all depends on how lucky you are while shopping online.

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    Online marketing is increasing day by day. It has manifold increased due to COVID -19. So, an online company providing a discount on many items. Since lockdown started, I have been a regular customer of grocery item. As I felt, they are giving a discount on it. I always take a grocery item from a big basket. They give offers on many items. I think it is cheaper than offline shopping. No doubt, online shopping saves our time and money.

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    No cash dealings only online or plastic money, this is the present trend. To grab the customer many are releasing apps and points or coins to reward customers in appreciation for buying their products.
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    We get easily taken in by offers and end up buying more items than we actually need right away just to avail of that offer, not to mention a delivery charge as well. Ordering groceries online is not good, frankly. It spells doom for the local Kirana stores. Why not order from the store just to help it to keep going? These stores even do free home delivery and one also has the advantage of returning something if it is not of as good a quality as you expect. For example, when I found insects in a packet of rice and informed the Kirana store, he promptly said he would send his staff with fresh packets and to return all the four rice packets I had ordered. He trusted my word, no questions asked. The returning part for online-ordered items is really tedious in comparison. Let us encourage local business and not e-commerce sites for things like groceries, stationeries, kitchen appliances, clothes and the like. There is one other thing. I find it absurd to hear about somebody ordering a bit of ginger and green chillies online, not to mention this comes wrapped in plastic. Is that really necessary?

    By the way, I did not see any such offer at Flipkart's site. I think you may have availed of it through some other portal and it was likely some kind of process of register-order-apply coupon code-get cashback.

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    Kindly click Grocery under Flipkart page to see today's offer. Attaching an image.

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    The editor is requested to delete the image.

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    The right image is posted here.
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    Thanks Sun, for sharing the image. I checked again the site and had a look at today's offers. There was chana dal and branded rice, sugar and almonds. Now to avail of the Re.1/- for each of these, I will need to add a lot of other items to my cart to make it the minimum required total + have to pay Rs.50/- for delivery is what I understood from your thread. So basically they are forcing consumers to buy additional items and thus making money! As I stated, we may not really need the additional items at all and out of the Re.1/- items also, we may want, say, only the dal. Such discounts will be beneficial for those struggling with financial issues, but if I can afford to, I would prefer buying from my local stores since I don't buy branded rice or sugar or almonds. Besides, I also prefer to buy packaged goods of the current or the previous month and not earlier than that, no matter if the validity date is up to a few months of the next year. There is also the joy of personal interaction with shopkeepers and chance meetings with known people (keeping in mind, of course, the safety measures of mask and distancing at present) something that we benefit from greatly in local retail shopping.

    Ultimately, of course, it all depends on personal shopping preferences!

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    If we do grocery marketing once a month, such a discount and reduction in price would help us to benefit. The number of items under offer would be more at the beginning of the month, say the first week of the month. When I calculated, it is really a worthy purchase to benefit. We save the auto fare or fuel charges, and also the time. It has an easy return policy. However, we should also help the local shop keepers to survive by buying their products.

    As you rightly said - it all depends on personal shopping preferences. For me and my good lady, online shopping is comfortable due to our age.

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    The author has shared his experience related to online shopping which is right to a large extent. Before the Corona era, I had only done online shopping for clothes and cosmetic products, but in the Corona era, when I had to stop going to the market and most of the shopping work started from home, I started the online grocery shop and I came to know that online grocery shopping with great discounts and the quality of the products is also getting high level.
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    Online stores want to attract the customers as they have a large capacity to deliver through their resellers. To achieve that objective they generally come up with newer and newer schemes of discounts and rebates. Many people are fascinated by this and are going for online shopping frequently. There is a substantial savings on certain items if bought as a package.
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    Online sites want to attract customers with their heavy discounts in each product. Flipcart, Bigbasket, Reliance Stores etc are engaged in offering the commodities at heavy subsidised rates to woo their customers. May be initially they are not in a position to garner profit because of their liberal offerings. However, this is the initial trend and sustaining this practice for long wil be a matter of suspicion. This is will ultimately hamper our local grocery shops due to drops of their sells.
    It is a kind of war between the business giants and the small businessmen where the end results of such a competition will be disastrous ultimately. Let us have some favour for the local grocery shops as well for their survival in this tough time, when selling has declined considerably due to the present pandemic phase.

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