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    A bridge across the Vaigai River crosses 131 years of age

    AV Bridge or Albert Victor Bridge was constructed across the river Vaigai in Madurai, Tamilnadu. This has now crossed its age of 131 years. This bridge's foundation stone was laid in 1886 on 8th December and the construction was over and opened on 6th December 1889. It has a 12-meter width and 250-meter length. Though some small defects found now, the bridge is very strong and celebrated its 131st birthday.
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    It is the matter of the fact that old structures and bridges were of high quality and good engineering marvel to which even today we take pride for their strength and get going. The Madurai bridge is the testimony of those days engineers and workers who toiled for three years and constructed the great marvel. My thoughts are with the masons and workers who made the bridge against all odds as the expertise was less and that task was huge. India boasts of such engineering marvel and they compete with the modern structure though so many years has been passed and still remaining strong and going.
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    The credit goes to the British, not the Indians. All public structures like bridges, air fields, forts and office buildings constructed during the British regime still remain perfect and strong. There was no corruption then. People were sincere. The construction works were supervised by the British engineers.

    Also, look at the century old Mullaiperiyar dam constructed by the British Engineer Pennycook. The structure will remain strong for many centuries.

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    There are many bridges in India which stand errected even today with their ever lasting grandeur of past, were mainly constructed by Britishers. They laid railways lines in entire country. Today, a building is constructed and after a few years it begin to decay. You can see construction of roads, superficially, these roads look beautiful and strong but once they are exposed to heavy rain and see the condition of roads. Corruption is on top. You can do nothing except bear all the cost of infrastructure and construction.

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    The civil constructions, bridges and other structures of golf times are good even today. That speaks about the quality of the materials they used and also the quality of the work during those days. Many works carried out during those days are strong. They used quality material and did the work with due care to quality. They did standard work. These days we are not getting such quality material as well as those standards in the work also.
    In East Godavari Dt of Andhra Pradesh, a barrage was constructed near Rajahmanundry in a place called Dowleswaram. That was named after Sir Arthur Cotton. This construction has changed the area into a green area and all the people of that area are very grateful to Cotton and they treat him as their God, There are many such works carried out during those days which are serving us a lot.

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    Most of buildings, bridges, forts, office buildings constructed during the regime of Britishers are of highest order in their strength and durability. On construction front, we cannot get the substitutes of such constructions in the present time. This speaks of their dedication towards their jobs. Though the process of proper material mixing, inspection and quality is still there but the ultimate product is not up to those standards due to lack of interests of the people involved in the constructions. This also exposes the corruption of the workers involved in taking up construction of different structures. Moreover the accountability factor in the parent time is missing.

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    I remember a river bridge at Panaji in Goa which was constructed in the eighties, inaugurated by late Congressman Jagjivanram. The bridge collapsed on his birthday. The quality of material and workmanship is very poor by poor Indians. It is the selfish money making greedy attitude of our politicians, contractors and engineers that the structures fall and don't last long.
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    I think the emoticon given to highlight this thread is not the right one.
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    K Mohan - surely we can celebrate a birthday with the emoticon not just of people, but of infrastructure and landmarks as well. We don't necessarily need to stick to the obvious, and make our forum unique that way!

    What members have stated is indeed true. We can only marvel at the manner in which infrastructure of a bygone era has stood the test of time, including facing up to natural calamities, whereas recently constructed structures simply pack in so easily. Modern construction engineers and architects should do research on how those structures can last for over a century. There is an unfortunate disregard for nature, too. There was a recent report, for example, about a section of this Vagai river being coated with poisonous white foam after a spell of heavy rain due to water pollution.

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    This clearly showcases the quality of construction of that time. When Britishers could do it in the countries where they ruled why today we cannot achieve it in our own country. This is a question we all should ponder and our Govt should focus in this area to remove the bottlenecks and deficiencies in our system due to which we are not able to construct quality civil works.
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    Our engineers and other related persons should actually do research to find out as how such sturdy and strong structures were constructed in the time of Britishers rule in India. It is really a pride thing but we should also be able to do it. Frankly speaking, the technology and materials have advanced today much and what is preventing us to make such good bridges today is not understood.
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    Surely this bridge would have been the witness to the rise and fall of the happenings in Madurai.
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