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    How best your home is ready with fire safety?

    The fire accidents can take place either through human error, shot circuit and even through the third party misadventure and thus proves to be fatal and even loss to the lives and properties. Though we talk about fire safety in office and establishments, how best our home is ready with fire safety? I think many might have not thought about the need for fire safety in the house. The faulty wiring, loose wiring and leakage of power at point inside the house can trigger hazard and we should have alternate exit point to escape.
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    Fire safety equipment is necessary in every house, particularly, in every flat of multistories building. At least a few fire extinguishers should be available on every floor. In such buildings when fire breaks out, loss of life and property is always in danger.
    A few months ago, a multi story building was set on fire in Delhi. There was a small lady's handbag factory on third well. One young worker made a call at the face of death. His last call was viralled on social media. I heard it too. He told his friend to look after his family. He gave him responsibility for his old parents and his younger sister. He kept on talking to his friend till he begins to cough and said that he is going to die because of suffocation and his voice disappeared. But he was a brave young man. He did not cry at any moment. He kept on saying what was coming in his mind till his words were choked by smoke.

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    True. We should not neglect the safety aspects in the house also. Especially the earthing is not taken care of in many houses. Many people will experience the shock when touche the wetted portion of the walls of the house. This is mainly due to improper earthing connections. Another problem we encounter is bare wires getting exposed which is also very serious. When we do come wire connections we have to cover it using steel grip tape so that there will not be any chance of touching the loose wires. Similarly while using LPG cylinders, and gas stoves all precautions required to be taken so that there will not be any fire accidents.
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    We cannot have our home like offices and have fire fighting equipment like co2 fire extinguishers, fire buckets etc. Kitchen is the vulnerable area in our home where gas cylinder is kept. Women in the house should always ensure that the gas is switched off after its use. A blanket should be easily available for a pick up during a fire emergency to save the life.

    Heat, Air and Material (Fuel) (HAM) are the elements of fire. Either of the three should be removed to extinguish the fire.

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    In our building, outside each level (storey) against two flats, one extinguisher is mounted on the outside wall and can be taken out if urgency is there. Though, few people know how it is operated, still it can be operated in emergency. The water line for fire is also available there by breaking a small glass window and connecting the fire hose to it. That is one part of the problem. But other thing which is more challenging and difficult is the old electric lines and lose switches and sockets in many houses where there is always a possibility of spark. Most of the fires today are happening due to the loose connection in the electric fittings in our house. It is not practical to keep all the switches etc in perfect working conditions and many times we ignore if there is a spark or lose connection and manage like that only. Faulty cooking gas stoves and cylinders are also a cause for worry. A good maintenance is required if we want a 100% foolproof system against fire.
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    Not only fire safety measures even alternate escape route need to be ready.
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