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    Rushing to the conclusions immediately . Good or bad?

    Some people are habituated from their childhood that they take decisions on their own without consulting self or the others and rushing to the conclusions immediately may some times prove to be hasty decision and unwarranted. Though in some cases the decision has to be taken forthwith as there is no escape from the issue, we must at least consult our inner voice before taking the huge decision which may even hamper our future course of action. Are you habituated to take quick decisions to arrive at conclusions?
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    There are many people who are in a hurry and do not meditate or think properly before making a decision. They consider quick decisions something to get accolades and praise of the society and people around him. It is not like that. They may be getting success in some of those cases which is more of good luck than the calculated decision outcome but in most of the cases, they lose their viewpoint and suffer because of the haste they had made in the decision making.
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    Deciding without thinking pros and cons may render harmful results. These people, however, clicks if the decision-making process does not require too much time to pondering over because the situation demands as such and if they have succeeded in past also in the hasty decision process, probably they can surpass others as normally others don't make haste in decision-making activity and are not habitual to cope with this type of situation.

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    Yes there are people who don't analyse the things and take hasty decisions and many times they take the wrong decision due to this.

    We should always take decision/conclude after we find the facts of the situation's pros and cons. Just to take a decision without knowing the root cause of the same always lead us to wrong conclusion and results in affecting relationships. There are people who do that and people for their this reason don't like them.


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    A decision was taken without thinking completely the issue and not considering all the facts may prove to be fatal sometimes. One should understand the whole issue properly, should have all the details required. Then only a person can make a decision. If necessary the person should discuss with other people who have some good understanding of the subject and the ideas and inputs given by them will definitely help us in arriving at aright choice.
    Some people decide in a hurry and go facing problems. Another problem in such aspects is unexpected situations may have to be faced by them. Some people are habituated to make quick decisions ina hurry and go on changing again and again. This will result in a waste of time and energy. So think well and make an apt decision

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    Do we always need to make a decision to come to a conclusion? You need to make some decisions when actions are required but you can come to any conclusion according to your wish and for that, you don't have to take any decision. Decision-making is an important task and one has to think rationally while deciding. It is seen that when people are emotional they instantly decide things without giving a proper thought. Actually, when emotion is predominant the sense of presence becomes negligible. That's why it is always advisable not to carry out important tasks, especially that requires some thinking when people are emotional. We always need to give it a thought while making decisions. Though we may not get the desired results every time even after making the decisions after considering various aspects and in that case, we can at least analyze what went wrong. If there is no thinking involved while deciding we won't be able to analyze further.

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