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    Is it really necessary ?

    I think you must be aware of the Rs 20,000-crore Central Vista project which seeks to refurbish and build government buildings on a 3-km stretch from the presidential palace Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate. The project will be aligned along Rajpath, the ceremonial road cutting a swathe across the heart of Delhi, and form the seat of the government that will start with the North Block.The earthbreaking ceremony is going to be held on 10th December.

    The Supreme Court said to the Solicitor General on this issue:

    a) "We expected that you will continue with paperwork etc but not move forward so aggressively that you will start construction,".

    b) "Just because there is no stay that does not mean you can start construction. We did not pass any clear stay order because we thought you are prudent litigant, and you will show deference to the court. The news items in public domain show you are starting construction, "

    c) "You can lay the foundation stone, you can carry on paperwork but no construction or demolition, no cutting down any trees, "
    This matter was listed in view of certain developments. The Solicitor General states that there will be no construction activity of any nature on the concerned sites, nor any demolition, including further translocation of trees until pronouncement of judgment in all the cases."

    One questions comes in my mind. Do we really need a new parliament building on which approximately Rs 20,000 crore will spent?
    Can such a big amount not be spent on welfare of common people or on establishing new factories instead? I appeal to government to review this project.
    I think can this project be delayed until our economy comes back on track.
    I don't know. I can't say. But, what do you think about this issue?
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    I don't think so huge amount is to be spent on the construction instead they should spend that much money on the development of schools, infrastructure, hospitals etc which are more important than this.

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    At this juncture when the economy of the country is weak, it is not prudent to construct a new Parliament building at a cost of Rs. 20000 crores. I do not favour Modi government going ahead with the project. The present parliament building is sufficient enough to accommodate the MPs of our country to conduct business. Most of the time, the MPs remain absent and seat remain vacant. With the online conference facilities available to us, it is easy to conduct a meeting or conference with any number of people.

    It is a wastage of money and time. Our government should think of improving our economy rather than spending money in building unwanted structures.

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    I agree. Why such a huge amount is to be invested now. The financial position is not good. Many people are suffering from lack of money for food also. There is a parliament building and that is serving the purpose. Why should we think of that money for wasteful expenditure at this juncture?
    In Telangana, the Chief Minister planned for a new secretariat which is opposed by many people. Court also delayed the project. But finally, the court also said OK and they are going ahead.
    The whole money is not going to be spent today. The work will go in a phased manner only. Even then what is the necessity? That is the big question we all should think? Why the government is going for such a huge expenditure at a crucial juncture. Let it be postponed.

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    Whenever Govt goes for some prestigious project in the country then most of the people remark or comment that this money should have gone to the poor. But the irony is that so much money has been given for the poor in the past and all of that is not reaching them as due to poor governance a lot of that is siphoned out by the evil and corrupt people. So believing that we cancel this project and divert this money to poor is of little solace right now. What we have to attempt is to improve our governance so that the money allocated for the poor is properly utilised. There is no dearth of money with Govt. Budget is only a plan and if required it can always be revised. We should understand that all our money in PPF, bank FDs, Gold bonds, Govt bonds, tax paid, Govt securities etc is with Govt only and they can spend that in whatever scheme they feel good for the progress of the country. From where so much money is coming for infrastructure and defence. There is no problem of money. It is only the governance that is required to be improved. In China they make over bridges over the existing over bridges. It may look strange but they do it for future traffic and to create employment. In many Chinese schemes the basic idea is employment. Facility is a by product of that. So, how does it matter if we have a good new parliament building in our country.
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