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    Development, not slogans are what is needed now

    A bitter Bihar election is now over. The poor Nitish Kumar has now been made a puppet of the ruling party, thanks to the cunningness of one individual whose mechanizations seem to be unending.

    However, the need is to forget the slogans and concentrate on development. And this development is not having big roads and flyovers alone, as has been reported in the State of Bihar. During my stay at Ranchi, I had to pay rupees Rs.15 to get my copy of Business Today, which would arrive by post. Otherwise, the post-man would not deliver it!! I quickly changed the address to Chennai, where there is no such problem. Corruption is a way of life and so horrible in the BIMARU States. One needs development across all human indices. Particularly in UP, where one gets to read horror stories of hospitals that lack basic facilities and where cows enter general wards without any restriction.

    The situation is so bad. Migration of the uneducated and untrained has to someone stop. They are being exploited wherever they work. The only alternative is a good education. We need good schools, hospitals, and good transport. Unless these basic things are assured, there will be no development. Yes. Good roads and bridges are required but people should be healthy to drive on the roads. And those in the ruling party should stop their Pakistan rhetoric and get back to real development.
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    Elected governments are expected to work for the welfare of all people and upliftment of weak and poor people. They have to start new developmental projects for the eradication of poverty by opening avenues of employment, erecting new infrastructure, improving educational scenario, making technology accessible to all the sections of the Indian society. The government should focus on overall development.

    People have a good opinion about government by some people have a negative opinion.

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    Slogans and quotes will not bring the required progress. Work is required for progress. Actions are required for progress. For winning in elections people may be doing so many promises and maybe taking many issues. Once the elections are over, it is the duty of the ruling party to see that their promises are fulfilled. Otherwise, they will not win the confidence of the people and they may not elect the same party in the next elections. So the political leaders should be sincere and see that the state or the country will progress.
    Just making falls promises is of no use. I think the government in Bihar will try and see that there will be good progress in the State. The ruling parties and the opposition parties should work together and see that their promises will be materialised in this 5 years. Bihar is a very backwards state and the government should take the responsibility of developing the state and should wok against a plan for the development.

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    The corruption in Bihar is not created in recent past. It had evolved in last 70-80 years under the leadership of some people out of which a few are in jail right now. The present Govt is trying to change this situation if the local people cooperate and help Govt in achieving this herculean task. It is not easy to unearth the deep rooted corruption and no Govt has a magic lamp to make it alright in a few months. The corruption accumulated in last 70-80 years will take at least a few years to get cleaned. Let us hope that the present Govt will strive for this tough objective now by adopting to online practices or other such methods to exclude the bad elements from the process and system. Cleaning takes time.
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    Development is possible only when the government thinks politics out of development. The development of any state depends on many factors. There are many pillars of development, out of which education is an important pillar, but even after being educated many times, the state is not able to develop at that level, and in such a situation such steps like migration are sometimes increased in development.
    Swati Sharma

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    For development ground work is required. Slogans are only to encourage the process to move ahead. Another thing is that in a big country like India development cannot happen without the participation of the people.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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