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    The origin of Rasagolla the sweet dish of India

    My dear sweet ISC Members,
    Rasagolla is a lovely sweet liked by all Indians. It is a famous sweet of Bengal. Now Rasagolla is in trouble. The origin of Rasagolla is being questioned. The sweet shop owners from Odissa claim that Rasagolla was originated from a village in Odissa. Bengalis claim that the sweet was originated from Bengal in the year 1866.

    It is said that the Prime Prasad distributed in the Puri Jagannath temple is Rasagolla. It is going on for the last 300 years.

    This is to be noted. Rasagolla of Odissa is of Brownish colour, and the Rasagolla of Bengal is white in colour.

    Members from Bengal and Odissa can throw light on this Rasagolla topic.
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    Rasgulla is a very tasty sweet. When we eat it hot in earthen dishes will be very tasty. Canned Rasgullas are also tasty but not as tasty as the freshly made Rasgulla. I tasted fresh Rasagulla in Kolkatta and I liked it and I brought two tins. My elder son also liked it. The other members of the family did not like them. We two finished the material.
    Coming to the origin many historians say that Kheer mohan was the precursor of this sweet. This Kheer mohan is offered to the deities in Puri Jagannath temple. This sweet was invented in Odisha only. Afterwards probably the same was modified and made Rasagulla.
    Another theory by food researchers say that in the 18th century many families in Bengal employed cooks from Odisha, Probably they might have brought this Rasgulla from Odisha to Bengal.
    But the spongy white Rasgulla might have evolved in Bengal only. But the other form may be from Odisha.

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    Rassgulla having white colour is from the Bengal only though the original form might have originated from Orissa but in terms of taste, the variant of Bengal cannot be compared with that of Orissa. If you want to enjoy the test of this tangy variety, drop in Kolkata and locate Chourangi, Bag Bazar, Central Avenue where you may witness host of hotels offering this variety of sweet which you may not forget its richness in terms of tastes.
    However, some hotels would offer you hot dishes of Rassgulla and if you by chance have the opportunity to taste such products, you will be hooked to such a variant. Taste of Orissa products are definitely good but this product may not be that much satisfying.

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    The problem started over the origin of Rosogolla somewhere in 2015 when the government of Odisha celebrated Rasogolla Day. I think the controversy over the origin ended in 2017 when the GI tag of 'Banglar Rosogolla' was provided to West Bengal for the Rosogolla that is available in this state.

    Let's put aside the controversy because I am sure you'll all love Rosogolla if you have it. I am sure most of you already tasted Rosgolla and if you are from any of the two states engaged in the sweet and sour battle over the sweet you savour Rosogolla quite often. I do not know much about the variety of Rosgolla available in Odisha but I can tell you about the Brownish colour of the sweet that is available in many shops during winter in West Bengal. As with any sweet, a lot of sugar is added in Rosogolla and that's why the colour is white. During winter varieties of jaggery are available here and when jaggery is added in place of sugar the Rosogolla turns brown. In some of the places, colourful Rosogollas are available throughout the year and they add some flavour also to make it tastier. Varieties of sweets are available here but the charm of hot Rosogolla remained the same and there are many shops which are famous for Rosogollas. Chittaranjan, K.C Das, Nobin Chandra Das & Sons are some of the shops in Kolkat which are famous for their Rosogollas.


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    Whenever something becomes famous in the world then people start to attribute it to their state or their home town. It is a common practice to do so. Rasagolla is also having the same fate now. When people fight that it belongs to their place the it is very difficult to prove that as documentary evidences are not available and it is based on some recorded fact in some site or some old magazine. Even if it belonged to one of the state it does not matter much as other state would modify it as per the need of the local people. If you eat a Dosha in Chennai and then eat a Dosha in Dehradun, there is tremendous difference in its preparations as these eatables are modifies as per the need of the local people.
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    By bringing out this thread and the information therein the author has raked up my liking to the Rasagulla which is more fond of by everyone for its mere looks and taste. The spongy Rasagullas are the favorite sweet among the children and the elders and the claim of its origin is now made known. Whether its Odisha dish or Bengali sweet, we have been habituated to this great sweet which is now available in jars of six pieces packed and children get tempted to eat at once when the sweet is spotted. Such is the craze and liking but the diabetic patients should not have this sweet which may increase their blood sugar levels. I have been asking my wife to make the same and try the dish on the lines of ready made gulab jamun mix available but it seems the process is more and many house holds does not have the expertise to do the same.
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