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    Was the Bharath Bandh successful on 8th December 2020?

    Did the Bharath Bandh call by the Punjab farmers achieve something? Was it a success? Did anyone benefit by the Bandh?
    The Bharath Bandh was only between 1000 hrs to 1500 hrs( For 5 hours). Was it really required? In what way it helped the farmers or the government or the public?

    Your views and comments on Farmer's Bharath Bandh.
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    In Telangana, the markets are completely closed in the morning. But after 12 Noon slowly shops got opened. At 3 PM the roads are normal. I went around the roads at 2 PM in my car and observed that all shops are slowly getting opened at that time.
    The organisers of the agitation say that the bundh is successful in 25 states. But the government says it is not a success. However, as a common man, I say there is no benefit for anybody because of this bundh. Many people, especially daily wage earners lost a day's earnings and nobody will compensate that. With this 5 hours showdown, I don't think, the government will change its stand or the position of the agitators has become strong. If the agitation is planned without affecting the common man, I think they will get the support of many people.

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    In some states it was successful and in some states it was not, as per local newspaper Amar Ujala.
    Bharat bandh Does not bring work or job for anybody. I don't support these type of Bharat Band.

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    The organisers hoped for a big success but it was not like that and had a partial success at places. This time a new phenomenon was seen which is happening for the first time and some videos on that are also become viral in social media. In some of the places when the local goons went to ask the shopkeepers to close the shop then the shopkeepers refused to do so and in some cases the local politician belonging to the opposition parties left the scene immediately fearing beatings in the hand of the shopkeeper. It would had been a bad publicity for their party also. It was really very humiliating for the opposition parties that this unprecedented thing is happening in India.
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    News from various TV channels say that the Bandh in AP was successful and RTC stopped it services in all places. To buy pattu sarees from Kanchipuram we called the shop owner and he replied the shops were closed due to Bharath Bandh. Banks, post offices were closed. Even though the bandh was called for only limited time in many states the bandh was total and complete. I think, the bandh got overall support from all sections and that is the reason, the government also not releasing reckless statements.

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    I feel the general pubic are not so concerned by the national shut down as the activities were on and except the local buses the shops were also open in many places and even Metro rail was running normally and even petrol pumps were open and thus the normal ;life was not affected. But I fail to understand the motive behind such Bandh as only 11 states participated supported by 19 political parties and that proves more than half of India were not participating in the strike or bandh and therefore it was big flop as per me. So the farmers has not achieved anything but blamed for stopping the essential being plying and earned the wrath of the govt which said that farmer unions promised that they would not hinder the essential services but by stopping so many vehicles on the highway huge loss has been created.
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