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    Backbiting is a bad habit

    Backbiting is the habit of many people. These people speak ill about others or say something negative about others in their absence. I don't see if any person is not involved in this bad habit. I have noticed this habit in most of the people.
    Finding faults in others also falls in backbiting. I see some people are talking and if a person goes away, next moment someone might start commenting on him. It's also a sort of backbiting. If someone does backbiting about any person before me, either I stop him or change the topic. I never trust such a person who speaks ill of others before me because this person can speak against me also in my absence. I dislike this habit and the people who are indulged in this activity.
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    Backbiting is never a good trait. If you are really interested in the welfare of somebody, you should discuss with them about their shortcomings and advise them to improve in those areas. But many people will not do that. They talk very politely on the face of the individual but when the person is not there then talk all sorts of issues about them. One should not encourage such people. If somebody is telling you bad about a person, you please take it granted that he will talk bad about you also in your absence.
    As a person, I feel we have no right to judge the other person. It is his life and as long as he is not overlapping into your area, you need not worry about the way of working of the other person. Commenting on somebody else and try to find faults has become very common these days.
    Everybody will have their own reasons for their behaviour. We don't why he is talking like that. Unless otherwise, we understand the other person fully we can't judge him fully and properly.

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    If a person is backbiting about another person to us then it is sure that he will be backbiting about us with others. This is a very simple formula and one can accordingly tackle or treat these people in society. One of my friend had this habit and one day when he was backbiting to me about someone, I told him that the other person was praising him and considered him much. He told me that it cannot be possible as that person envies him and I was telling lies. I told him that I know that person well and actually he was telling lies to me. He kept quiet and left silently.
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    We should not encourage the habit of backbiting since any encouragement in this area will make the situation still vulnerable. This attitude can be seen in both larger organisations, small organisations and other areas of work. We can see that some groups start appreciating some of the persons for their dedicated jobs but once they leave the spot, backbiting against the same would start.
    It is also seen that we sometimes exaggerate the negative sides of someone in their absence. Though the man concerned does not have that bad quality, but to defame him filthy remarks are hurled. We should not be tempted in that way.

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    I am totally against those who have the habit of back biting and that proves that they do not have guts to say wrong about others in their presence and by choosing to say behind them they proved to be betrayal of friendship.
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