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    Reading is the essence of successful professional life

    Reading habits are an important part of a successful life. Reading books nourishes our rational faculty and boosts our intelligence. Reading a book sheds loneliness and provide company when no one is around. Reading books provide a great learning curve for all those people who are eager to know many novel things that would help redefine them into a better person.

    All successful people have been reading good books but nowadays this habit of reading has diminished. Though many of would-be reading good articles from the internet but reading a book gives much more pleasure and peace. Let's revive the book reading habit.
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    I feel learning is the essence of a successful professional life. This learning can be by reading books or listening to experienced and knowledgeable people or by experience. For a person to be successful in his profession he should know the recent developments and practices. At the same time, one should get the skills required and they should get updated. These will happen when you read various books related to the field. The knowledge gained by reading books will be very useful for our career development.
    Reading is a very good habit. Reading books related to the subject we are working will give us a lot of inputs about the working field and also you will be knowing what is happening elsewhere in a similar field. If ignore reading and knowing the latest developments, you will be left behind and you may not be able to withstand the competition from the person s who obtaining good knowledge by reading.

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    As regards learning it can be done through both the books or internet. Nowadays young people are more comfortable in internet as internet is full of data and it is easy to retrieve it from there. Few people are nowadays having habit of book reading. The technology is changing and we have to change with it. I still feel comfortable with the books as it is easier to concentrate in what you are interested and mind does not get distracted here and there. I think those who have interest in reading can continue their interest as book reading is still a great hobby and great pastime.
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    It is the fact that the professionals need to be posted with latest and updated information on all matters to which they deal and that would make them one step ahead to speak and give comments to others. Professionals are avid readers and they would not waste time gossips or defaming others, instead they would be improving the present knowledge and that would help them to have the best relations with others in a more professional way. The doctors are the best live examples here. They cannot take rest after completing their PG and other specialty courses and they need to be in touch with the modern medicines and equipment which are out in market concerning to medical field and the doctor regularly visited by the medical representatives of pharma companies to update about the new drugs in offing.
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    There was a time when people used to study something while traveling by train. Apart from this, there was a large crowd in the library. But after the arrival of mobile, this habit is gradually getting rid of people. While traveling in the metro, you will find many people who put on earphones and see something on mobile. Reading the book has its advantages. You do not necessarily read course books. Other than this, fiction and non-fiction can be read. Keep in mind that books should be read-only by those who like them. Reading positive books can bring many positive changes in the mind. This keeps both body and mind full of energy throughout the day. When we read a book, our mind becomes a fantasy. This increases your imagination and scope of thinking. In such a situation, your brain becomes creative. Reading from there, you are constantly met with new types of thoughts. This brings diversity and maturity to your thoughts.
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    Reading is definitely a good habit though in present times as people are much distracted by the mobile phones this habit is disappearing from the society. Most of the people who were passing their time by reading books are now active in social media discussing and chatting with other persons. We are most of the time spending our time in the virtual world and are now cut off from the books.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Gone are the days when people used to read books. The present era is a digital era where people can be seen with their mobile and laptop only. Books have been replaced by the internet. People are getting knowledge through internet as all books are available on the internet in the form of pdf. I think old people are being seen reading books. No doubt reading is a good habit. There would be no substitute for reading books as while reading books we can't divert from our track. Whereas, while reading on the internet more chances would be of diversion.

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