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    Why not we organize Bandh at night ?

    What is the use of organizing bandhs and strikes during day between 6 a.m to 6 p.m, or 10 a.m to 3 p.m? It affects the routine life, especially the poor.
    A good thought came to my mind. Why not we call for a bandh from 6. p.m to 6. a.m. We ask the people to show their solidarity and support by way of switching of the power supply during the entire night.
    The result of the bandh can be ascertained by the Electricity board as to how much electricity was saved on that bandh day. This can be communicated to the authorities concerned and published in newspapers. This won't affect of the routine life. Instead, it would save electricity and people can reduce their electricity bill amount.

    We can call it "Light off" instead of bandh or strike or hartal.

    We should go for it. What do you say?
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    A very constructive suggestion from the author. This will be a good idea. No work will get disturbed. No loss of productivity and saving in power. Many days we were suffering from power cuts. These days there are no power cuts. A self-imposed power cut for 12 hours will be a good idea.
    In Japan when the workers are having some unfulfilled demands they will always express their unhappiness by producing more quantity than what they produced normally. This will make management to sell more or stocks will be there in the godowns. Nobody can find fault with the worker. This is a very productive idea.
    In the same, if our political people can give a call for the bundh by switching off the lights for a night, we can also understand really how many people are in support of the bundh. A good idea and it can be informed to all political leaders to start this kind of protest hereafter.

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    A very good thought by the author. Why not this type of Bandh in night time. That will also show as how many people are actually with the people who have called this Bandh. My view is that the opposition parties which are backing this Bandh will not like to do it in the night as by doing it they will be badly exposed as it would be evident that only some handful of people and hired people are with them. So, their intention is different. It is not the farmer's agitation, it is to settle score with the current regime which is day by day progressing in the popularity with common masses. Opposition is bothered much that if this continues, they will never be back in power which is a big loss of big money which is there in the political game for some corrupt people.
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    But why should we organize Bandh in any way? Are we calling Bandh or strikes on a particular day or the political parties are calling bandhs? The political parties are doing things according to their wish and instructing people to act in a certain way to show solidarity to some cause. As long as the countrymen are not coming together to oppose a particular decision all these kinds of protests in the name of strikes or road blockades will remain unsuccessful.

    Suppose if there is any power shortage in a particular state/area can we all switch off the power at night to lower the demand? We will just blame the government for not generating enough power and some political parties will fight on the streets as if they are fighting for a cause. We cannot decide ourselves and depend on the political parties to raise some issues.


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    The main reason for organizing or giving call for bandh or national shut down is nothing but much inconvenience should be felt by the public so that good sense prevail on the govt to mend ways. By organizing the bandh during the night would defeat the very purpose of the same the feel of inconvenience to the public would not be felt at all and therefore the suggestion from the author goes waste.The call for bandh should be for good cause so that even the ordinary feels the necessity to support, but in the case of farmers bandh the call was one sided and not having many takers across the country.
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    It's a unique idea by the author and other members have also suggested but all these ideas can be exported to other countries because these ideas don't fit in our country. What purpose of Bharat Band is should be kept in mind if Bharat band happens at night, the purpose of the strike will go in vain and unless the people are disturbed strike can't be successful. It's not happened first time in India, we have been watching for decades Bharat band which would create chaos and disorder in the country. Mayhem, vandalism, uproar, lawlessness used to be the essential part of Bharat band. If anyone opened his shop or any taxi driver came on street protesters would beat them literally. I think no such incident was reported from any part of the country.

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