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    Mullai Chhitra sucide sends shock wave to the Pandian stores fans

    The famed Pandian stores serial on Vijay Television is so popular for one reason that the young and most beautiful actress of that serial Mullai Chitra has committed suicide and that sent shock waves to her great followers because the serial is woven around her character and her husband and the way she is giving support to the in laws house and even chiding her mother to behave for the cause of in laws pride and goodness is the hall mark of her character, Why such young actress are committing suicide as they have very good future for their good acting caliber.
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    I have not seen this actress but in the recent times I have read many of the actresses have committed suicide. I remember Pratyusha Banerji of very famous actress of "Balika Vadhu" of colors channel committed suicide and the reason was unknown. Similarly the famous actress Jiya Khan also committed suicide. Nafisa Josef a very good model who was a beauty pageant committed suicide at the age of 26 years. It's sad. May be they all were going through the tough time in their personal life otherwise no one takes such a big step to end his/her life.

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    Root cause behind such tragedies are the extreme frustration with which these actresses were were suffering from. Over stressed situation can be averted with the sharing of the thoughts with your closed one providing you extreme relief from your agonies. Failing to do so, the extreme frustration can take an ugly turn. Suicide is the ultimate result of their frustrations. As far as I remember Pratusya Banerji acted marvellously in Balika Badhu had tremendous potential. She could have given up this extreme step, if she could get some encouragement from her close circles. Loneliness is a curse often taking ultimate step to end life.

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    The serial is very popular and it is also due to the lady actress who is acting well and the whole story is revolving around her. These are all may be true. But how this is connected to the suicide of that actor is not known. The serial actor might have some problems in her real life which are not known to us. These days many actors are committing suicides and the reasons are not known.
    The actors may be rich and maybe earning a good amount of money. But they have many other setbacks. These problems are inherent in that profession I feel. They may be having many tensions, many agonies and how they are facing them is not known to us. Definitely, their path is not a bed of roses and they have to walk on thorns also sometimes like others. That may be a problem for these people and they are getting addicted to some bad habits and ultimately those habits are leading for suicides, I feel.

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