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    Irregularities in some private schools

    I have noticed that teachers in primary section focus on giving homework to students. If homework is not given to students parents also complain why the homework was not given to their child. Interesting point is that these children don't do their homework without the help of their parents. Sometimes, I have seen the mother herself does the homework and ask her child to copy it. What a child learns by this homework I don't understand. I have seen some families that parents hire a tutor for homework of their children and he/she gets a child's homework done.
    I think If teachers focus on classwork instead of homework children will learn something.
    I have observed that some students whom I know are weak but their marks are always good. They study in good schools which everyone can't afford.
    Teachers of good schools are not as smart in teaching as they are supposed to be. I have seen notebooks of some students of 6th to 8th class. I found that length of short and long answers was almost similar. I enquired to them how their teachers get written answers to questions. They told me they ask students to mark on certain portions of chapters as the answers of questions and they copy on their notebooks.
    Although I don't generalize it I have seen notebooks of some students who study in high-paid schools.
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    Children at early age are just imitators or copy books. They learn by copying notes from black board, writing the same word several times. So parents support is essential but the notes has to be written by child. Teacher alone cannot give or complete all the exercises in the scheduled 40 to 45 minutes of time frame. Hence additional activity will help student to learn better.
    Regarding notes each publisher themself prepare a model key answer and forward it for teacher to aid teaching. It is the teacher's ability to think, foresee whether it is to the point or it has to be reduced, then give to students.

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    What I feel that the teachers want inclusive partnership from the parents also to inculcate full knowledge to the child and thus giving home work has become part and parcel of making revision of daily teaching. In a forty minutes time of each period the teacher has to concentrate on teaching part and cannot make the students write. If the students were asked to write what she teaches, then they would forget the teaching totality. Therefore the practice of home work is in vague and the writing habits of the student should also improve speed wise and hand writing wise to have the improvement over the cursive writing and neat writing mode. But some parents are not caring for home work and want the tuition teacher to handle the cause and thus the parents are not fully knowing what and where the child is lacking.
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    There are irregularities in government as well as private schools. In many government schools, teachers never bother about the studies of the students. They never bother about the knowledge of the child. They feel coming to school and telling a season will be their job. Whether the student understood the lesson or not, whether the student is following him or not will never be seen by the government teachers.
    In private schools, the fees we pay will be very high. The teachers in these schools will get less remuneration but they have to work hard and spend long hours in school. This will be very frustrating to the teachers. They will get convince themselves why they have to put in so many efforts? In this process, they may not be taking all the required precautions.
    But the parents should be more responsible and see that their children will get the proper education. Whether the teacher has given the Home Work or not is not important. How the child is understanding the lessons should be observed and should discuss with teachers in that angle.

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    There is great contradiction between the style of teaching in the earlier days and tye present one. Our teachers encourage us to understand the fundamental concept of each chapter directing us to write answers of the questions in our own words after having the concept. It was definitely good since we had a thorough idea how to proceed answers.
    In the present time, though there is the pressure of completing of homework, most of the students copy down the answers from the portion of textbooks without actually understanding the concept. This is indicative of loss of time and such homeworkers don't yield their learning skills. In some branded schools, the teachers direct the students to copy answers indicating the page number of the textbook. Their notebooks containing the answers look attractive containing answers written in impressive ways often there is marking with red or green pens in between but the entire exercise does not appear to be fruitful.

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    Actually speaking class work is much more important than the homework because that is the primary place to learn. Homework is only a practice of that for better understanding of the lesson. Good teachers would assess the students in the class only. If the student gets the homework completed by the parents or tutor then it does not serve the very basic purpose of giving it to the student.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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