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    Does lack of jobs and employment opportunities is forcing people to wrong deeds?

    It is observed that drug trafficking and criminal activities are on the rise. There could be many reasons for that. One of the main reason could be the unavailability of jobs or conducive environment to make a person oneself self-employed by resorting to some business or work which has a demand in the market. So, due to this shortcoming in our system many people have no direction in their lives and that is the time when some bad elements lure them in their trap and force them to do some illegal and unlawful activities to earn money. Once these people are trapped in this way then it is not possible for them to come back. What do you think of this problem in our country?
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    Drugs trafficking is a high earning business which attracts young people. Generally, those young guys who earn money quickly without wasting their young age as they want to enjoy their lives and for this purpose they need a chunk of money and drug-business give them short-cut to early huge money.
    Another type of people who get indulged in this trade is drug-addicted. When they can't afford to purchase it they enter in this business.
    Some youth enter in this field because they have no job and they realize their responsibilities towards their families or girlfriend.
    Generally, it often happens that any unemployed person has friendship or contact with any drug dealer he easily attracted to this illegal trade.

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    To lead a life in a better way money is a necessity. The way we earn depends on each individual. Hard earned money itself does not stay with us as elders suggest, then if we earn in shortcuts will it stay. Some people are still invisible and lead a happy life by selecting quick ways to earn an income. There are so many opportunities for the youngsters starting from campus interviews to job fairs. They have do little research and basic education is a necessity. Those who are not educated and cannot have a broder approach towards opportunities look out for other ways to grab the income getting into the hands of bad people. They utilse them initially and later become prey for it.
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    There are many reasons due to which people choose a way of living which is not accepted by any society. Joblessness may be one of the reasons but what we lack is proper guidance during childhood. Since childhood, the focus is predominantly on scoring well in exams, going to top colleges and get a job as if that is the only thing in life. If a youth becomes unsuccessful during this phase and if there is a lack of guidance from the parents and associates the youth may turn to drugs and certain criminal activities to earn some quick bucks. Earning money is important though, it cannot be the only thing. While opportunities must be there for everybody to earn a living if it is not there one has to look for opportunities rather than going in the wrong direction. Here guidance plays an important role but generally, people in the neighbourhood look down on such people having criminal tendencies rather than trying to help them to do something worthwhile.

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    It is true that when the jobs are lost and employment is lacking, the free people are identified and lured by the political leaders for their obvious use and that was proved in the recent elections that held to civic body in Hyderabad. One of the known boy who lost job in a manufacturing company has the good friends circle but they could not get him the right job again, instead they lured him to the lucrative earning during the poll campaign which was temporary and yet the boy is now habituated to such cheap earnings and does not want to work again. The parents feel that he is wasting time with the leaders of no use in future and the boy's future is in peril. If the boy is not getting regular income for his expenses, surely bad elements would lure him to the short cut earning methods and thus full ruin of life is more possible.
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    Definitely unemployment will create many unwanted situations in families as well as in society also. An educated person who is not able to take care of his family by any method which is legally acceptable, then they may resort to such things. People will be under frustration as they don't have money, food and they are not able find a way to progress. Their mind will be weak and they will be waiting for an opportunity. Some anti-social elements will catch hold of these people by offering them some lucrative amounts and force them to start illegal activities. Once these people are accustomed to comforts and easy money, they can't go away from thos things and they can't come out of those bad practices. Another reason is that the children are not being given the proper guidance from their parents and they will also try to use them as income-generating sources, the children will get into all bad practices.
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    There are many reasons for the people to go in bad lanes and learn evil things and one of the obvious causes is unemployment and no scope for engagement of the people in constructive and positive areas.
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