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    Have you ever probed as to how much time wasted in life?

    Whether it is school life, college studies or being vacant even after studies, we have wasted lots of time without even realizing the fact that time is running out and the lost time cannot be coped up but knowingly we have wasted huge hours of time every day in the honor of those who have of no use, in those activities which never fetched us name or fame, in the works which never got us any money or help. Have you ever probed as to how much time wasted in life? If that thinking process starts then we would at least stop wasting time now onward.
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    When we have to enjoy, we should enjoy it, when we have to study we should study, when we have to earn, we should earn. When we have to take a rest, we should take it. If it is not happening as desired and expected we can say we are wasting our time.
    The meaning of waste will also vary from a person to another person. For me spending time with a kid is a good time utilisation. But some people working 24 X 7 and earning money may be thought as good time utilisation. What I think as waste may not appear as waste to others.
    As far as I am concerned, I did well in my studies, I earned reasonably well and I enjoyed and enjoying my life. So I feel I have not wasted any of my time. This is what I feel. I may be spending some time on the internet these days. If you feel that the knowledge you gained is well useful, the time you have spent on the internet is not a waste. But if you compare with the money you got spending that time. you may feel it is waste of time.

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    Life is short and extremely valuable. Time is running very fast. The author has rightly said that many times in life we ??feel that we have wasted so much of our time in our past but as time goes on, there is nothing but regrets. The time and energy you put in and the benefits you get from it must be equal. To gain maximum efficiency, learn to employ time, and learn about human psychology. We should do our tasks in a planned way. we should make a list of our priorities. Like most people, one should live a systematic life by not acting disrespectfully or carelessly.
    Swati Sharma

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    Most of the people waste their time and I am one of them who has wasted much time of life in useless activities but repentance or crying for that is not the solution. The best solution is that forget previous mistakes or blunders and look forward . Use remaining time in a systematic way. We cant reverse what we have done in past.
    The best way is to remind yourself at bed before you sleep - what you have done during your day. How did you spend your time. How many hours you spent for yourself and family and how many hours for others. What did you achieve today and what did you lose. Did you hurt anyone or did you help anyone. All such points should be analysed.

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    If we balance what was the achievement and what was the failure the time wasted would be known.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I did not get time to waste at all. I had handful of education and homely activities suggested by my parents every now and then. Sunday's too I spent on exercising and rejuvenating myself for the next week. Walking was my best habit until my education which has reduced over the years. This kept me healthy throughout the years upto this period of time. As soon as I completed my education responsibilities were ready to be placed on my shoulders where I struggled without guidance but never gave up. Even when I was unemployed I grew vegetables, learnt many skills in gardening. During pregnancy and post pregnancy too very little was spent to mould me back to square one. According to me I have never felt that I wasted my time besides the time spent on sleeping which every one needs to support their body.
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    Time is a very important entity in our lives and if we lose some time just like that in idling or waste it like that then it is gone and it is a very strange entity in the sense that it is irrecoverable. The chunk of time that is lost is lost for ever. We have some limited time in our lives and if we lose a good part of it in wasteful activities or in the inactive phase of our lives then we would suffer in many respects.
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    Truely speaking. Almost 99 percent of the world population are wasting their time only in caring them with three times food, whole night rest,and in development of family members number. Only one percent of the world population have cared for others by providing employment to others for their survival.
    I would simply say that a person who makes others to live have utilized their time fully beneficially. All others have wasted their time by living an useless life on earth. Can anyone deny my statement?

    Just think what you have done for others and made use of your time.

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    Sharada you made an interesting response as to you did not get time to waste at all. Is that so ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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