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    What makes us to go to office, the ease of work or the environment?

    Who ever having hectic work at office would be wanting for break immediately instead of waiting for customary Sunday the reason being the work pressure, the tension of not completing the pending task and allowing escalations of previous problems. If the work is easy and going and office has the good environment and great respect to the work done, we would be wanting to go to such office even not taking any leaves. But how far the companies are keeping the employees in good spirit and having close bond also matters.
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    The good working environment encourages employees and it includes cooperation between employees and departments, good behaviour of seniors, handsome salary and fair chances of promotion. It's also necessary that the office-goer should be mentally stable, satisfied and in need of this job.
    Nowadays most of the people have no job, they are to work even under such conditions which they dislike, so if he leaves this job a bevy of many other jobless creatures will be standing at the reception counter for offering their candidature and this employee will be wandering to get a suitable job.
    It's also said that not only in the government sector but also in private sector recommendation plays an epochal role in getting employment. Whether or not he has such backup he can't think to leave his job, the ambience of the office doesn't affect such a person.

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    Going to office gives the following benefits:
    First of all we have limited time of work. This further gives us time (limit) to work thereby we are free from laziness.
    Secondly we can have alternative that is reaching home and spend time with family members
    Thirdly we can see different types of people through which we can understand about the nature of human.
    Fourth we can get somewhat free air and sunlight

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    The healthy environment prevailing in the office attracts the office goers to resume their duties uninterruptedly. Moreover, the behaviour of the boss must be cordial so that positively sets in the environment. I don't mean to say no firing even if someone is habitual latecomer. The entire staff including the boss should ensure that there should not be huge backlogs and this creates mounting pressure in the minds of the staffs. This would certainly affect the working environment often shouting of boss would be heard. Hence in order to maintain the congenital environment, we must adhere to a healthy culture of job accomplishment in time. With some little modifications in the work culture and our behaviour office environment could be lively. The employees would be no more be absenting or latecomers in the atmosphere of cordiality.

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    Every person wants that when he goes to the office or workplace then he is welcoming him in a positive atmosphere but not everyone has got a positive atmosphere. It is not unusual to have some amount of tension in almost every office. This stress is also good to the extent that it motivates employees to work better and achieve their goals. But sometimes some unwanted things do not just stress, but unnecessarily spoil the office environment. Many of these things are so entrenched that even the superiors do not notice them. But these alone give rise to dissatisfaction within the employees and spoil the working environment. In relation to all employees of the office and management, it is helpful to create a good environment for each other.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    True. A good ambience in the workplace will make the worker get attached to the place and always try to perform much better than his normal levels. If a person thinks that he is taken care well by the company definitely people will have more inclination towards the works. So there are many issues which will motivate the employee well. Many people think that money is the only criteria for better performance but it is not true. Money is definitely one of the factors but not the only issues. The money will play an important rule up to some level only. Once you cross that level other factors will dominate. The type of work you are doing, the mentality of the top boss and other bosses, your colleague's way of working and the working environment. These are some of the factors that are going to help the person to work hard and show his efficiency. There are many companies which are concentrating on these points also so that the employees will be more loyal to them.
    always confident

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    An official place amidst nature with fresh air drags us towards it. When we work in a place we can have collaborative ideas, discuss and support each other. This will not be possible when we work at home. We can get short breaks in between as well spare some time for improving ourselves by reading lots of books written by authors. Especially books with pictures grabs the attention of young, moderate and old aged readers too. Technical support can be better as computer, internet will not trouble or distract our work as at one's home, the investment on such support will drill hole in our pockets.
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    Good submission from Sharada that collaborative ideas emerge only through interactions and work at office.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A comfortable and congenial workplace is a great thing in ones life as in that case only a person enjoys ones job. Work pressure will be there but what is required is motivation, occasional awards and rewards for the work, appreciations, encouragement from the top, regular training sessions to improve the skills etc. If these things are happening in the office then in probability a person will like the workplace and will be motivated to make a career in the desired line. Unfortunately, due to envy and competition many times the workplace environment is not so good and people feel suffocated in that situation especially when they are cornered and not given jobs to do and then come to limelight. It is known as workplace politics and it is present everywhere in less or more quantity. So, a person has to try from his side that he should neither be a contributor in this workplace politics nor he should be trapped in that and that is the situation when one thinks of escaping from the work to have some mental calm and peace.
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    I think that a good and friendly office environment is the primary thing that is required to be there for the work force to be encouraged for attending office. I firmly believe that people will definitely go to offices if they feel good about it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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