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    Be vigilant that the children should not fall in bad company

    Today in our country we have a big network of drug traffickers and all sort of narcotics are being supplied to the people who have become addicted to it. First, they will offer the user some free doses and then when the person becomes addict, they would earn continuously from sustaining that supply. We should be very vigilant that our children should not fall in bad company and should not be exposed to this evil as that will spoil their whole life and they will not be able to make their career also. Last year, in a nearby open park, we found some burnt cigarette buts and small paper covers where the details of the cigarette was printed and it was written 'If you want to fly, smoke this pleasure'. We then searched in other corners and found similar types of small covers where one single cigarette is packed costing some 25-30 rupees. We wanted to explore further and intentionally went there in the night time about 9 PM and one day we found some young people puffing on cigarettes and laughing. Normally no senior goes to these open parks in the night time and seeing us they immediately got alerted and pushed the cigarette in the ground and became as if they were not doing anything. We just told them that the local police is time to time making surprise visits nowadays in this area and they have already caught two people taking these things and once caught they will be jailed for 10 years and they should not do this blunder. From that day we have not seen anyone near that park. So, I feel we all should be vigilant on this aspect in our area and if required we can inform to police also.
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    The author has raised an important topic and every parent has the responsibility to see that they make close monitoring of the child up to the age of responsible citizen because the non employment and over indulgence in wasteful friends gives rise to wrong contacts and bad activities that may take the child to the point of no return bad habits. Once the child is lured to the bad habits and if they are in bad company the escalation of bad thoughts are sure to emanate because today's youth wants to enjoy all pleasures of life in short cut method and there are people who are ready to lure them to that way. Parents must make sure that the child is not left alone, and he consults them in all works and activities. The child try to behave right if the parents are good, cordial and understanding and that gives rise to congenial living guarantee.
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    Yes we should be vigilant for our the kids as they are vulnerable for such people and can easily be taken to the wrong path. This is upsetting that parks these days are used by the people for such things. I remember we had a park nearby and have seen people playing cards all the time. I don't know if they gamble or what they do but they were the group of 20 people who have ruined the environment there. They all are not kids and people feel embarassed to tell them not to play there in the park.

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    Sure. Not only parents but also house members should be vigilant over this. When parents lack in showing love and affection psychologically children divert their thoughts to bogus love showing people.

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    Drug addiction is a serious threat to a healthy society. It destroys families and lives of individuals who are addicted to any harmful drugs. Why young generation is fallen in clutches of drugs-addiction family is mainly responsible for it. When parents give extra liberty with money on demand they can't blame on their son and daughter for treading on path of destruction.

    In high class of society drug addiction is quite common among young people. Reason is that they have full liberty from their families. Parents are also busy in their lives. Partying and clubing are common activities for them where loud music, drugs, liquor, sluts are in vogue.

    Drug-traficking comes out of drug addiction. It's a risky business but earns a lot. If one crore rupees is the cost of one kg drugs what profits will it render to supplier. This greed tempts a drugs addicted to enter this black world.

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    Many people have been arrested for selling drugs outside some schools and colleges. It has been told that the main customers of the accused in such cases were students. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that students studying in colleges and schools are also getting caught in the clutches of intoxication. Experts believe that in many cases some parents try to hide or cover up the addiction of children in fear of not losing their reputation in society. Some even ignore the point of drug addiction in children. Doing this is not right for those parents because when the children who are addicted to the drug reach the last stage, then there is a lot of difficulty in their treatment. If children are treated in time, the situation can be as normal as before. This is to say of psychiatrists about many important aspects of the cause of addiction and addiction to children.
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    True. Parents should be very vigilant with their children, especially during their early schooling days. Many parents think that giving more money to students may spoil them. But if we don't give money there are chances for them to get spoiled. Money is not the criteria. The parents should start teaching them from their early childhood, what is good and what is bad. How they should behave and how they should shape their lives. For this, the best way is to tell them various stories from various epics and we should also highlight the moral of the story also. That will help them in setting their mind properly.
    Then we should be watching their movements. We can do it by contacting their good friends and the parents of those friends. They also should be in touch with the teachers and get the information from time to time. The feedback given by them will be useful to the parents to know better about their children and their moments.

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    Such type of things are mostly happened in rich community. In return, they attach such bad habits to poor ones. So many youngers are gambled into such net. Altogether they spoil their beautiful gold life. To prevent it, youth have to know the value of career in life. Such things to be preached by parents and teachers.
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    Nowadays people have no patience. They want to achieve all success within no time. So, they don't have hesitation in choosing the wrong path. I think internet and mobile both are playing important role in spoiling new generation people. Children get much information from the internet and start following it. Drug addiction is going to be common among the youth. Especially, it is more common in high society where parents have no time to take care of their child activity. Parents are seen busy in their personal life. As a result, they easily fall prey to bad company. So, there is a responsibility of every family member to monitor their child movement.

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